Monday, December 13, 2004

A slight misunderstanding

Girl Terror has been tearing around the house lately, shouting "Satan!! I satan, Mummy!" To say that I was alarmed is really an understatement. I know I've muttered things under my breath, but I'm pretty sure I've never actually referred to her as satan, Lucifer, or any other demonic name. It took me awhile to finally get it. A few weeks ago, we watched figure skating together on TV. Ah ha. She is skating around the house. Sliding on the laminate floors in her socks, skating. Not at all referring to herself as demon spawn. More of a tutu wearing, gliding princess, than the prince of darkness.


Ben said...

My first thought is: there's a difference? lol. Funny! .... demon spawn... you make laugh. lol.

& said...

That's what the demon spawn would have you believe...Lol

Best thing to do when you don't understand them is to just agree. You both end up less frustrated.