Friday, January 07, 2005

Am I really that fun?

Why oh why does Boy Terror insist on getting up twice a night to visit me? Am I really that fun at 2 am? I don't think so! I know that at one time, many moons ago, 2 am was just the start of the fun part of the day for me. But those days are long gone. Now I am swathed in flannel, my hair looks like a rats nest, and I am certainly not glowing with friendliness. Yet he persists in checking on me to see if I am still aware of his cuteness, even though I can barely see straight.


Carrie said...

Cute post!

I totally understand that...our 2 year old thinks it is fun to get up and go exploring at that time of the morning. Doesn't come in and wake us up, he just takes all of the items out of the bathroom cabinets, arranges them in the living room and -has a party with the stuffed animals, I guess? We wake up in the morning to find the path of adventure...

It scares the HECK out of me that he DOESN'T wake us up! What is he, a cat? How is he so quiet! I have to childproof the house even MORE than we ever have due to this. And we have tried to keep him from leaving his bedroom. Nope. Just crawls under or over whatever you can find. Ugh.


Tamara said...

I wish mine were stilll little ones.Enjoy the baby-toddler years while you can.You sound like a really great Mom.
Take Care,