Thursday, January 06, 2005

warning: your babies are watching you!

I hope I become a better person before the Terrors get much older. I would hate for them to learn from my example.
The other day we were out shopping. I was tired of all the idiot people, and just a wee bit snarky. As we watched, a guy came through a hole in a fence from one property to the next, rather than walk around the long way. It was snowy and slippery, and he lost his footing. I, from the safety and warmth of the car, said "Ha ha, smarty pants, we saw you fall on your ass!!" ( He couldn't hear me, the window was up!) Then he stood up to brush himself off, and I realized, with a sinking feeling, that he was handicapped. Hubby laughed himself silly, saying "what, now you're making fun of cripples?" Please god, don't let me have any influence over my kids!!


Ben said...

LOL. Nice. Damn Cripples... LOL. What next? Retards? Don't worry... you probably learned this from your parents. LOL

Salsguy said...

You are a good person. With all the smart ass idiots out there these days, it's easy to make an honest mistake.