Friday, February 18, 2005

100 things

Okay, everyone else seems to be making a list like this. So even though I am pretty sure my list is going to be very dull, I am giving it a shot. However, after having kept this list in draft form since November, I think I will just go with 25 things about me and maybe later I'll add to it. Maybe (hint hint) I will get asked some interesting questions!

1. I am fat. Sorry, that's just the first thing in my mind. The good news is, I am losing it with "Losing It" blog buddies.
2. I have red hair, which has been either my pride and joy, or the curse of my life, depending on the day.
3. I am married to a great guy. And I love being able to say that.
4. I have 2 kids, girl 2 years and 8 months, and boy 10 months.
5. If one more person tells me I have "a millionaire's family" I will adopt a kid just to make it stop.
6. I grew up in a very strict, religious home.
7. I think I might have run out of things to say already....
8. I was adopted when I was 2.
9. I met my birth mom when I was in my twenties, and it was the best thing to ever happen.
10. We are closer than a lot of mothers and daughters, I think. We e-mail several times a week, and since I didn't grow up with her, I feel free to tell her anything. She's more my best friend than a traditional mother.
11. I have never attended public school. I went to church school my entire life, including college.
12. My education is sadly lacking in many areas.
13. I still think of myself as a teacher, even though it's been 3 years since I was in a classroom.
14. I absolutely love teaching grades 9 -12. I think grade 7-8 is hell on earth.
15. I live in the frozen north. Not just Canada. Northern Canada.
16. I used to love scary books, and suspense movies. I don't know what happened, but now I can't even watch commercials. Age has made me into a wuss.
17. I taught English in South Korea for 14 months.
18. From first hand experience, I know that I do not like extra ovaries in my fish head stew.
19. I have eaten live baby octopus, by choice.
20. I was in labour with my son for just over a month. It's called prolonged latent labour, and it made me very cranky. I thought I dealt with it quite well until recently when I saw a picture of myself during that time. A picture is worth a thousand words!
21. I had a breast reduction when I was 24, and I don't regret it for a minute. However, time and popcorn have taken their toll, and the cute little bras are no more.
22. I lived with my in-laws for 2 years. Not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. Nothing kills your sex drive more than knowing your mother-in-law is just on the other side of the very thin wall.
23. When I was 11 weeks pregnant with my son I was told the baby was dead. For 3 days I waited for the miscarriage to begin, and then at the ultrasound we saw that precious heart beat. Turns out there was a mix-up with some blood work.
24. I have held a Caribou heart in my hands.
25. I have "helped" butcher a moose in the kitchen, on the counter.


Anonymous said...

Ewwww... live baby octopus?

Dang - I thought 33 hours of labour was bad. I stand corrected.

What an awful horrible thing to be told at 11 weeks and for them to be WRONG. That must have been a painful 3 days... Stupid doctors.

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you worried a list about you would be dull. Just from your first 25, I find these things fascinating!: Numbers 9,10,11,15,17,19,20,23,25. Pretty much all of them, LOL.

Kimberly said...

I like your first 25! I have not made this list either...procrastination:-) Hope you have a great Sunday! BTW-Michele sent me.

Beth said...

Loved your list though some entries almost made me cry - you know which ones!! Since I have yet to post my first blog, maybe I should use the list idea to get started. Don't hold your breath though - the first item would be
I am the world champ procastinator!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you are just like a lot of moms out there and just don't realize it. For example: I used to love to read scary books and watch scary movies too. I now consider myself a wuss also. I will watch a scary movie but it has to be during the day (and not too scary).

I also grew up in a strict, religious home and I'm very happy I did.

Deep down, I think we all married great guys. Sometimes it's just hard to find them under the exterior.

I was adopted when I was only a few days old and I met my birth mother about 6 years ago. It was a fabulous thing. A real good experience and I'm afraid it's not like that for a lot of people. I count my blessings.

I have three kids (two girls 17 and 12, and 1 boy 9). They are the light of my life.

I love reading your blog. Keep them coming.

jon said...

We are trying to find good television and movie to take the kids this weekend. Good television and movie reviews are hard to find

I just stumbled onto your blog while looking. Seems to happen to me a lot since I am a knowledge mooch LOL