Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Warning!! A Lot of Potty Talk!!

 Potty training is horrible.  I figured out the other night Girl Terror is scared of her pee
and poop. Why, I have no idea. She was getting into the tub and a little bit of pee
came out and she just panicked. She wouldn't get in the tub, and screamed and
screamed until I told her I had washed it off. Today, she sat on the potty, and had to
poop, but wouldn't. She said something about a snake in it, and when she realized
she had to go, she started crying and pulled her pants up. So, after she pooped in
her diaper, I showed it to her, look no snake, and then we flushed it down the toilet.
She agreed that it wasn't scary at all, and said next time she would go on the potty,
but NOPE!
I've never heard of anything like it. She's scared of all dirt. Well, not the dirt outside,
but lint and stuff on the floor. She won't get into the bathtub without checking to make
sure there is absolutely nothing in the water, and if a piece of fluff gets in from her
toes, she flings herself out of the tub screaming. If she sees string or lint on the floor
she comes and gets me, and will not touch it.
It would be funny if it wasn't so weird. I seriously have no idea what to do. Help me!!!

That was probably more bathroom talk than you ever in your life wanted to hear, but
that's my life. Pottys and barf.


Kristine said...

Hmm, I've always been scared of Rodney's poop. Seriously, I don't have any advice except to say I went through that with Andrea for a little while. (Not with the potty stuff, but the dirt and lint). She was around 2-3 and it just went away after a few weeks...

Search the internet for suggestions!

Michele said...

Cheyenne would die if she knew I was writing this on the internet, but she was terrified of pooping when she was first potty trained. She would sit on the toilet and SCREAM. she'd say I don't have to go, never mind. Poor thing. It seems that I just reassured her again and again that it was no big deal and after a couple weeks she got over it.

Carmi said...

I think every major transition in life comes with a bit of fear. Our daughter hated clowns and camels for the longest time (I know, we're a bizarre family!)

I guess the first thing at this point would be to remove the fake snake applique from the inside of the bowl.

Kidding! Seriously, a whole lot of reinforcement about how friendly the toilet can be will likely cure her of it. It just takes time, patience, and many, many glasses of red wine after she's all tucked in for the night.

Heather said...

My twin sister used to jump out of the tub screaming "stickies" if ever there was a hair or lint or anything in the tub. Also, when we went camping, she was afraid of the grass, the sand, the water and the pavement. She just sat on a blanket most of the time. Happy to report she got over it!