Friday, March 04, 2005

Damn frog.

So, what were you doing last night at 3 am? Me? I was exorcising demons from the LeapPad frog. Yeah, I know, 3 am is prime sleeping time for most, but not Froggy! And not me! This is how it happened.
I was in bed, drifting off (11 pm) when through the Girl Terror's baby monitor I heard "Hi! I'm baby Tad! Let's sing. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..." What?!! I thought Girl Terror must have crept out of bed, got Froggy, and tucked him into bed with her, and now was rolling on him and pushing the buttons. Out of bed I went, up the stairs, and into her room. No frog in the bed. Just a sleepy little girl. Froggy was sitting on the toy shelf, looking innocent. Nothing like having toys come alive at night to spook a person. I took Froggy and put him in the living room, just in case he "woke up" again.
At 2:30, I was up feeding Boy Terror, when I heard "Hi! I'm baby Tad! Let's snuggle. That's the yellow star!" Arghhh. Boy Terror instantly popped up his little head, trying to figure out what was going on. I snuggled him back down, convinced him he was dreaming, and just as I was about to do the tricky dance of "up-from-the-chair-into-the-crib" I heard "Hickory dickory dock. The mouse ran up the clock" from the living room. My, how sound carries in the middle of the freakin' night. Take two of convincing the night owl in my arms to drift off again.
When I finally managed to tiptoe out of the room, I stumbled to the couch and got the damn frog. Why, oh why, are the batteries in these things so well hidden? A night light just wasn't enough. On with the very very oh so bright kitchen lights. I sure hope no neighbors were up, cause if they were they got an eyeful of naked me, wrestling with a frog in the kitchen. I ripped open the velcro, got out the screwdriver, opened the back, and took out the batteries. I thought about just chucking the thing out in the snow, but I'm sure it would have just serenaded me from the snowbank. Froggy now is sitting on a shelf, looking innocent. Do I even need to tell you were this thing came from? Hmmmm....who would send a child a possessed frog? Could it be....Grandma?!!!
I hope she's checking her mailbox, because any day now she may get a box with a singing frog in it.


Lisa said...

LMAO! Good story!

Enjoy reading your blog. Good to have know there's someone more north than me!

Lisa from Prince George, BC.

Greg said...

It wouldn't be so bright in the kitchen in the middle of the night if the light wouldn't keep glaring of your white naked body! Right? lol.

Kimberly said...

That is too funny! We had a Furby incident like that a few years back- pretty scary. Those things look like gremlins in the dark... said...

Great blog! While reading it I was thinking if you used a hammer instead of a screwdriver you would not have had to worry about the lights or the velcro! LOL

Tammy said...

Oh no, save me from Singing Frogs! Too scary!

Hello, Michele sent me! Glad she did, too, it's fun to peek in on another Tammy. :)

Shannon akaMonty said...

O Lord, the LEAP PAD. Ours was one with the battery door held closed with two teeny-tiny screws, the kind that you need fairy tools to be able to use. The kind that I never, ever have a screwdriver for.
And don't even get me started on that stupid FURBY creature...gah.