Monday, March 07, 2005

The Interview

I'm being interviewed! Mamacita has chosen ME! This would be more exciting if I were at all a decent interview. That woman asks hard questions! In fact, I don't have all the answers. But, like any true celebrity, I just changed the question to be what I wanted, and then gave my answers. For your info, I've included the original questions, too. See? Aren't they tough?! So here goes.

1. Do you believe that some parents lose their adult perspective after hanging out with tiny children most of their day?
Yes. It happens to the best of us. Priorities change, and suddenly you lose your ability to make conversation with anyone wearing real underpants. The good news is, things you didn't care about before are now very important. The environment? Must be protected for my children. TV shows? Bring on the censorship! And god forbid anyone swear in public.

2. You are a mommy who is now the president of the biggest toy manufacturing company in the world, and you have developed all the toys personally. What are your ten most popular toys?
This is where I part ways with Mamacita. I am just not creative enough to think up 10 cool toys! However, I CAN tell you my top 5 choices for kids, and my worst five. Remember, this is all just MY OPINION.
Top 5: 1. coloring box, with tons of paper, crayons, pencil crayons, and a basic coloring book. Nothing fancy, but fun for hours. 2. Tupperware. Or it's cheaper cousin. Give a kid a bunch of this, and they will cook for hours. Give them a fancy toy kitchen, complete with tiny dishes, and they make hats. Tupperware can be cooking, sorting, stacking, and an exxcellent place to hide little cars. 3. Dress-up clothes. In all sizes and styles. 4. Beading kit, containing beads, string or floss, and an ice cube tray for containment. 5. Books! This should actually have been the first one, I don't know what I was thinking!
Worst 5: 1. Guns. I know, I know, they will use sticks and shoot each other. But at least then they are using their imaginations. 2. Collector dolls. Not for kids! Why give a kid a toy she can't touch? Why spend a fortune on a toy to frustrate your child? 3. Dolls that do it all. They yawn, sleep, cry, talk and pee. All the kid has to do is watch. Get another baby if it looks that fun. 4. Boxing gloves. Or, as I've seen, Hulk "fists" that roar. Why?! Why would you tell your child to go knock the brains out of another kid? Don't they pound on each other enough? 5. Toys based on adult movies. Example: Lord of the Rings toys. Seriously, the movie wasn't for 4 year olds, so why make a toy for them based on the movie?

3. You and your husband have the entire weekend free; none of the kids is sick and grandparents have taken them from Friday till Sunday night. What’s the first thing you’re going to do? And what are five other things you would plan to do?
Okay, Hubby and I are pretty dull. I asked him about this, and neither of us said the obvious - hanky panky! The first thing we would do is go out. Eat dinner, see a movie. Other things we would cram into our weekend: Sleep, just a little. Don't want to waste precious time! Visit friends, go to the bookstore, stay up late, go shopping, and maybe, just maybe, hop into bed for awhile!! I personally would take a bubble bath ALONE and Hubby would do some computer Nascar racing online.

4. You are in charge of all television broadcasting for the universe. What are the first five shows you remove, without a second thought?
Woo Hoo! No problem. Here goes someone's favorite show...
1. South Park. Can't stand it. Yes, I've watched it. I even watched it regularly for awhile. But it's crap, and it's crap that kids are watching.
2. Simpsons. See above. As a teacher, I grew to dispise Bart. I don't need a freaky yellow guy teaching kids to mouth off and be disrespectful to their parents.
3. Temptation Island. I watched it, of course. But it's a show where couples go to see who can hurt the other more. Who can cheat with the hotter "temptation?" Will this marriage survive? Get real.
4. The Swan. Women have enough stuff to worry about, we don't need to be told that surgery and a "whole person" make over would make us into a good human being. What does that say about who you were before the show?
5. Soaps. (I know, it's more than one, but I told you I cheat) What a major waste of time. Watching someone else have a very interesting, chaotic life. Get your own life.

Okay! So, that's the interview. Thanks again, Mamacita! It was fun! Now, I have to go think about who I am going to "interview".


Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Now, see, I KNEW your answers would be cool! Thank you so much for participating! Tish's idea is neat, huh.

Dawn said...

I am sooo with you on the temptation island and the swan! good answers!

J&J's Mom said...

First time here and Wow! My answers would've been damn close to yours...being a former teacher...well let's just say, glad there's another person out there who is not afraid to parent her children! #2 answers were my favorite! Thanks, I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! Tammy! :) I agree with everything but am surprised that in your top 5 toys you didn't mention a building kit like Lego, Duplo etc.. I think Beading kit is close but not the whole banana! :) And simpson is a funny show for political sarcasm but NOT A SHOW FOR KIDS.. I'd just slot it into late night television. Everything else thumbs up.. these are my 2 cents / critiques !!!



Anonymous said...

Surprised hanky panky wasn't tops for a weekend alone... sorry.. forgot to ad that! :)

Anonymous said...

i agree re your toy answers both the good and the bad. guns! who needs them! those hulk hands! oh my god. and the lord of the rings stuff. there's this 3.5 yr old at my son's preschool who has seen all of the LOTR movies and movies like spiderman (the adult version) and the mummy. THE MUMMY.

also agree with your tv choices. i hate hate hate the simpsons. hate. but i would change one small thing in your tv ban answer. soaps. i don't watch soaps but every few months i like to watch about half an hour of all my children. it brings back the memory of a feeling of innocence that i love.

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Anonymous said...

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