Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Spring Break Curse

I'm starting to believe that someone has placed a curse on us. The Spring Break Curse. As teachers, Hubby and I love Spring Break. Or, we would, if we ever got to enjoy one.
This year, for the break, we got the flu. Not all at once. First Boy Terror, then Girl Terror, and then me. That covered about half of the break. Not too bad, though, since we are too broke to do anything really fun anyway. But it still would have been nice to sit at home and not spend hours in the bathroom.
Last year Spring Break, I went into early labour with Boy Terror. So, I guess technically I did go on a trip....I was medivaced to Vancouver, which is a 3 day drive from here. Not my idea of a fun holiday.
Two years ago Spring Break, Hubby went tobogganing with the students the last day of school. He came down the hill in such a graceful way that everyone thought he broke his ankle. Nope, just really, really bruised and painful. It took about 2 weeks (the length of S.B.) for him to be able to walk much.
Three years ago Spring Break, we went out for dinner the first night. Hubby got up and went to the restroom, and didn't come out for a very long time. He got a sudden, blindingly painful headache while in there, and couldn't move. He finally made it back to the table, where he couldn't sit up, and was in a near panic from pain. We rushed to Emergency, and within 2 days he was on a plane to Vancouver. He got to experience many attempts at a spinal tap before success, and then they tested and tested and tested. Then they sent him home. I spent the time he was gone sitting by the phone, 6 months pregnant, waiting for someone to call me to say if he was alive, dead, or still on the plane. It wasn't the best Spring Break ever. He did get to travel, but I think he would have rather stayed home.
I hate to think of what's in store for us next year. Small pox? A plague of some sort? Who knows. Anyone want to come visit us next March?!


kimbofo said...

Oh dear. I thought spring break was for rest, recreation and general relaxation. I hate to tell you this, but you are doing something wrong!! ;)

PS> Michele sent me!

Shannon akaMonty said...

I think I'll just stay home, if you don't mind...we get enough of that stuff 'round here. :)
Especially since the last 4 years I've worked in a building full of Dr.'s offices...*sigh*...we got EVERYTHING. :)

J&J's Mom said...

Ummmm.. I think someone is trying to tell you something...maybe work through your holiday?

Sorry about the flu bug! The worst we got was rain...rain...and more rain...did I mention it POURED!!! Crazy boys, crazy mom, and for the last bit of the break crazy dad!

Or you could move to PA where my friend Beth lives...they don't have a Spring Breat at all!!!

Dawn said...

Sorry I think...NO I know that we will have something(anything)to do next year....MAYBE we can get together some other time.

Thanks for the offer:)

Amy said...

Being sick during spring break happens to other people too?? First my husband got sick, then I picked it up from him. Now, a full week later, we're still carrying kleenex everywhere we go. :) said...

Do you guys live in the back of the beyond? Always a plane to Vancouver when your the doctoring limited where you live?

Greg said...

Ummmm... Thanks, but no thanks. ;) We have enough sickness in our house to go around. If we came to visit, we would bring some sort of disease and you would be guaranteed to be sick.

Michele said...

Hmm, as much as I like ya, I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, girl, you need to get that curse broken! Or have an exorcism or something!!