Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We're so formal

Girl Terror is very interested in the relationships between people, and what they are called. She now knows that she is our daughter, and Boy Terror is our son, and that Mummy and Daddy are also mother and father. She'd like to call us by our first names, but that just isn't happening. This past weekend, Hubby had put her into time-out, and she was shouting at him. When all else failed, she started bellowing "Father!! Faaaaaather!" He's such a calm man. He just called back to her "Yes, daughter?" Good thing she couldn't see us cracking up!


Anonymous said...

I remember spending a fair amount of time doing that to my parents...oh how cruel I was!

Dawn said...

that's funny....

Raehan said...

I couldn't find an e-mail to respond to your comment on my blog.

Raehan is not my real name. I've never said it out-loud, but I suppose the pronounciation is Ray-han. My real name is Nikki.

I mention you in my Fairy blog mother post. Check it out.

I would like to read a random thoughts post from you. Please do one.