Friday, May 27, 2005

More useless info about me, top 100 continued

I almost forgot I was doing this! So, here's the next installment of "100 things about me". The first 25 can be found here.

26. I am not good with names. For awhile, I wanted to name my first daughter "Julia Roberta". Guess who I was a big fan of?! Then, I decided on "Daisy". Hubby refused to name our child after a cow, though.
27. My first kiss was on a beach at sunset. You'd think after that start I'd be in for a life of romance, but no.
28. My mother and father planned on me marrying a minister. I was given piano lessons, encouraged to become a teacher, etc. I married an agnostic instead.
29. I was sure I would never have kids. I did not want children until I met my husband, and then I became a walking biological clock, with the alarm going full tilt.
30. I have some odd fears. I hate being in the bathroom with the door closed and the fan on. Too claustrophobic.
31. I don't "get" the Star Wars thing. I tried, I really did, but I was bored and found it really stupid.
32. I believe that if a movie is rated R, and a theatre lets in people under 17 with no parent, the theatre should be fined. Big time.
33. As well, I hate to see it when parents take their kids to inappropriate movies. What child really needed to see "South Park, the movie"? Use some common sense, folks.
34. I wish I were a Catholic so I could get my kids into the Catholic school system here.
35. I can't wait to be a parent at parent/teacher interviews. My poor kids.
36. I loved the 80's. If all that music and big hair came back, I'd be in heaven. I still have the wardrobe, so I'd fit right in.
37. I still have nightmares where I'm at my college graduation, and when I walk across the stage to get my diploma, the Registrar says "Sorry, there's been a mistake. You don't have the credits yet."
38. I graduated 9 years ago, and I'm still mortified by some of my marks.
39. I've discovered that the flip side to our wonderful Canadian health system is our embarrassing, childish politicians. Didn't anyone ever teach those people to sit down, shut up, and wait until it's their turn to speak?!

That's all for now, folks. I hear babies waking up, and readers snoring away.


mama said...

Hey, I was reading you list and clicked to read back in your archives. I just about dieed when i read you know your a yukoner when... The very sad thing is I can totally relate! We also are living in government housing and on water delivery, we get our water tested once a month and you would think that I would learn when the guy is coming - I have gone to the door and let this guy in on more than one occasion in my moo moo. Poor guy.

J&J's Mom said...

19..19..1985 Bruce Springstein, Madonna, way before Nirvana, there was U2 and Blondie and music still on MTV. Her 2 kids in highschool, tell her that she's ....WAY COOOLLL!! I could be so stuck in the 80's what a fun time! You rock Yukon MOMMMMMAAA!!

J&J's Mom said... the way...I am waaaayyy punchy tonight...sorry!

Raehan said...

I still stuck on the bathroom phobia. Is the fan really a factor, or is it just the door. I mean, can you have the door closed if the fan is off? I'm just curious.

Juno said...

For me, the problem is having the door half-closed, Anything half-closed makes me nuts. I'm always afraid something's lurking around the door. said...

I have had the same "graduation" dream! Does that make us normal or weird?

Michele said...

I have a problem with bathroom fans in general. Door open or closed. Why so much noise? And in our bathroom the fan is right above the toilet. Someday something is going to fall out of there and land on my head while my pants are pulled down and I'm vulnerable!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

College tried to keep me from graduating, saying I needed a math course. I produced a paper the school gave me when I enrolled four years earlier saying I didn't need no more stinking math. So they had to let me out. Good thing. I never could have passed a math course. I'd still be there.

Anonymous said...

36. I loved the 80's too!!! I didn't like when the mesh tops though.

Anonymous said...

this reader wasn't snoring a bit. i love to read 100 things lists!

Michele said...

31. I don't get the Star Wars thing either...although I am not even willing to try.
39. Shush you...I have a job because of those childish Canadian politicians. In fact I get paid to write the words that allows them to stand up and speak during a speech...

Anonymous said...

31. Star Wars is highly overrated. I waited in line for an hour to see this latest installment - and would you have guessed it, Anakin goes over to the dark side! Yawn.

32. I once was in an R-rated movie where a theater-employee came in with a flashlight (during the previews) and ACTUALLY TOOK SOME KIDS OUTSIDE!!! Haha, you shoulda heard my gleeful laughter.