Monday, May 23, 2005

party animals

It was Hubby's birthday over the weekend, which is why I have been absent. Life certainly changes after the kids come along. Friends of ours came out Friday night to play poker, and spend the night. I learned a few lessons to pass on to you.
If you are the person who is getting up the next morning at 7 with the kids, DO NOT give in to the temptation of drinking yourself silly all night. 4 am is NOT the time to go to bed. At that point, you might as well just stay up.
The board game from the TV show "Friends"? No amount of alcohol makes this a good game. It really, really sucks. Maybe if you were stranded on a desert island you would enjoy it, but otherwise, no go.
Kids do not understand hangovers. They can not grasp why everyone is being so quiet, and why most of the people would like to stay sleeping. It's morning! The sun is shining! Let's sing and dance and chat and twirl and bounce....
Ice cream cake is the best thing ever, no matter how old you are.


SquareSlant said...

7 kids and a hangover = you are a better woman than me!

Raehan said...

I am so boring I would never have stayed up unil 4:00. I would have bored our guests out of their skulls by retiring at 11:00.

You are my hero.

Sorry about the hangover, though.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I didn't know they had Wild Turkeys in the Yukon.

(P.S. I always vote for ice cream cake for breakfast.)

AverageMom said...

No, no!! Not seven kids! Kids (2) up at 7 am! Good lord, squareslant, what kind of fool do you think I am?!
Raehan: I would never stay up that late sober. However, the Kahlua took over the sensible, going to bed part of my brain, and well, the rest is history.
Hoss: We have the highest number of bars per capita in the country. That should tell you something about us!

Sleeping Mommy said...

happy birthday to your husband. you are definitely a stronger woman than I am. I give up about 1am at the latest and everyone suffers for it later.

And that friends game--well never mind I won't go there for fear of making myself look even more like a dork than I already have on my own blog. :)

Dawn said...

I had ice cream cake for my birthday and it was so yummy!!!

P.S.~ happy birthday to your husband.

SquareSlant said...

Knew you only had 2 kids - thought the other ones were were friends kids

Playground in my Mind said...

Your comments are off on your most recent post, so I decided to comment here. You need to go back to your doctor. He will raise your depression medication. You do not have to live in a dark fog. I do talk to my family and friends about depression. There is nothing wrong with talking about it. Discussing it is the way that we remove the stigma from it. And discussing depression is far better than the alternative: attending another funeral. I have buried two wonderful and golden people because they wouldn't deal with their depression. Your family needs you. Be well. There is absolutely no shame in TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF;) You deserve to be happy and comfortable in your own skin. hugs, Renee