Friday, June 17, 2005

Just ranting

In my opinion, the man who feeds a small child a pickled egg and a strawberry first thing in the morning should have to deal with the Pickled Egg Strawberry Poop that comes shooting out later in the day.

I wish the Boy Terror would find a schedule, any schedule, and stick to it. One night this week he slept all night, from 8:30 pm until 6:15 the next morning. I don't like to get up quite that early, but since it meant I slept 7 hours IN A ROW, I was pretty happy. I kept thinking "Maybe this is it. Maybe he's finally going to stop waking me up at night. Perhaps I will again get to sleep like a normal person." Ha!! He was just resting up for the next night. Here's how that went:

8:30 pm Bottle and snuggles.
8:45 pm Baby sleeping. I feel all smug and pleased with my new sleeping child.
12:00 - 3:00 am Rustling, wiggling, general restless sounds from the monitor. Not enough to get me out of bed, just enough to wake me up every few minutes.
3:07 am The call for milk. Bottle and snuggles repeated.
3:30 - 4:00 am The wiggling and squirming intensifies. No drifting off for this kid! The screaming begins.
4:00 - 4:30 am If I stand up and rock back and forth in the dark, the screaming stops. If I even start to lower my butt to the chair, the screaming returns. So I stand.
4:30 - 5:00 am We watch the east coast news on TV. Standing and rocking.
5:00 am I'm permitted to sit on the edge of the couch. Only for a moment, though, as I have to leap up and run down the hall once the projectile poop is finally shot out.
5:10 am He's asleep. I take a loooong time creeping down the hall, and lower him into the crib. He sighs, looks innocent, and stays (harrah!!) asleep.
5:15 am I fall into the deepest sleep possible, thinking to myself "I'll get at least 2 hours, I'll be okay..."
6:20 am Girl Terror hauls me out of bed. "Mummy! It's morning! Come on, Mummy!"
And another day begins.


graceful said...

The sleeping thing? We're trying to address our own version with our little guy. It's horrible! My daughter was SO easy with sleeping. My son? NOT! Hope your little guy gets into a routine soon!

cubmommy said...

I know how you feel. I am going through the same thing with my baby. My older san never had trouble sleeping. I am also breastfeeding so the baby gets up a lot. He is 9 months old. Hang in there I have been told they eventually sleep.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's funny. I don't remember getting my Mom up that much at night. I must have been really good.

Raehan said...

Oh yes, I remember those days. The double whammy. I often stopped driving for a day or two at a time if I felt I was too sleep deprived to keep the car from crashing.

It WILL end some day.

Is it possible to let him cry it out? I'm saying this knowing that it pretty much wasn't possible for us until we moved into our present house with more than two bedrooms. And some kids just don't do the crying it out thinng well.

SquareSlant said...

How Sleep depraved Moms function is a mystry! Hope you get a nap soon!

Michele said...

EW! I definitely don't miss those days, not one little bit.

Jona said...

You'll find that after about seven years, you'll learn to sleep through it ;o)

aka_monty said...

I could never get my twins to sleep at the same time. As soon as one went to sleep, the other, naturally woke up.
I'm so good at selective hearing now. :)

And pickled eggs should just be outlawed, period. :)