Monday, August 22, 2005

Maybe she's going to be a night owl.

Remember I said the Terrors did not nap yesterday? The only good to come of that situation was that we were sure they would sleep like the dead last night. Ha!
Both kids went to bed easily, and Hubby and I smiled smugly at each other. I felt smug and pleased all the way until 4 am. That's when Girl Terror got up. For the day. To sleep no more. Here's how the rest of the night went:
3:59 am: I heard "Muuummmmy! Muuummmmmmy!!" and of course I leaped out of bed. She had called me to say that she couldn't sleep. I told her to try closing her eyes, and crawled back into bed. I remember thinking "Isn't it odd that they never wake up right on the hour, say at 4:00 am?"
4:04 am or so: "Muummmmy! Muummmy! I can't sleep! Do you hear me? MUMMY?!" I went back in. Tucked her in. Told her I personally was having no trouble sleeping, and if she would stop yelling, maybe she too could fall asleep.
4:15 ish: "Daddy! Daddy! I ready to get up now!" Daddy did not get up. I stomped in. Told her to stop. yelling. right. now. Everybody sleeping. Birdies sleeping. Kitty sleeping. Daddy sleeping. Go to sleep.
4:30: I felt her climb onto the bed, whispering "Daddy! You sleeping?" She wanted something to drink. I would have given her a vodka martini with a lemon twist if she'd asked for it, so long as it put her to sleep. I got the sippy cup. No vodka.
4:something or other: I turned her light out again. Took the books away.
4:45: I was summoned upstairs by the Boy Terror, wanting a dry butt and a bottle. On my way back downstairs, I turned out Girl Terror's light, and told her if she turned it on and got up again, I would take all the lights away.
5:00 am, and several times after until 6:30 am: Girl Terror wandered in from her room to see if we were awake yet. She wasn't sure if I knew, but she couldn't sleep. Finally I told her to go read in bed.
6:50 am: She finished her book, which she "read" aloud to Bear, and which I got to hear through the monitor. I was too stupid to turn it off. She climbed onto my feet, and I elbowed Hubby. It was his morning to wake up! Woo hoo!

I just put both Terrors down for a nap. As soon as I left Girl Terror's room, I heard her call. "Muuuummmmmy! I can't sleep!!!"
Is it legal to pour sleeping pills down her throat?


Ella said...

I think you could both use some sleeping pills!

Hope you get some more sleep tonight...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

This is really funny. I wish you could have enjoyed it as much as we do...

Maria's Space said...

Holy Crap! I feel for you. It sounds like my nights. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one walking my dimly light hallway all hours of the early morning. Lately it has been musical beds. 2 year old toddles into my bedroom where my husband and I are asleep with the 18 week old (if she isn't in my bed, I am up nursing every hour or so - much better to get more sleep), he gets in next to Dad, Dad leaves the room and I am sandwiched between two kids on a king size bed. We could fit two people on either side of them, but they insist on being right against me. I try to get myself through all of this by saying they will never need me as much as they do right now. It has become my mantra. Peace be with you women!!!