Sunday, August 21, 2005

Boring ramblings, so you don't think I've forgotten you.

We are old. Old, boring, married folk. Today, we took a Sunday afternoon drive over to Skagway, Alaska. It's actually a gorgeous drive, but seriously. Only old people go for Sunday afternoon drives!
Skagway is a little tourist town, full of cruise ships and tourist shops. We like to go to the grocery store to see what American goodies we can find. Today we bought Triskets....yummy flavours. Here in Canada we just have boring regular ones. The highlight for me was trying Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I was in heaven!!!
See? Old. Boring. Of course, we have young terrors. Normally, they nap in the car, no problem. Today, since we were planning on that, and were so sure it would happen, they did not nap. Not even a little. By the time we got home, I felt even older, and much, much crankier. Screaming children will do that to you.
My sister-in-law called yesterday. Her twin 2 year olds have been driving her nuts. They keep smearing poop all over during naptime. They squish it on each other, the walls, the bed, everywhere. Every day. I personally have my own theories as to why they do this, but I'm too nice to say. Anyway, she called to say they found a solution. Duct tape! A strip of duct tape around the top of a diaper means the kid can't get it off, can't get to the poop, and the walls stay clean!! Now, whenever Boy Terror grabs his poop covered testicles, and tries to finger paint while I am changing him, I can think "at least I don't need the duct tape."
Off to bed. I'll try to write something better tomorrow.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

You know something I found out by reading stuff on the Internet? There is no "period" after Dr in Dr Pepper. Isn't that strange? About as strange as making wall rubbings with shit.

Cuileann said...

I feel for your sister-in-law. I too have twins that went through the poop smearing stage. You can tell her the duct tape probably won't work long. The only thing we could get to work was to get sleeper pj's (aka feetsie jamas) and cut the feet off them. I would then put the pj's on the boys with the zipper in the back and then put a diaper pin through the zipper to keep them from unzipping. I am sure if we had room in our house to separate them it would not have been so bad but anyway that was an awful phase. SOOO glad it's over.