Monday, August 29, 2005

Things my daughter and I have argued about, so far today.

1. At 6:10 am, I told her it was NOT time to get up, go back to sleep. She disagreed, and she won the argument.
2. I say it is cloudy and raining outside. She says it's a "wunnerful, sunny day".
3. Breakfast. To eat or not.
4. Summery dress vs. pants and a t-shirt. This relates to number 2.
5. Will flinging a shoelace around his neck hurt her brother? I say perhaps so. She says "No way!"
6. Should we watch a video?
7. Should we change her butt?
8. Should anyone be brushing their teeth while Mummy is on the toilet?
9. The cat, in my opinion, does not like to be roared at. She says that in fact, the cat loves that game.
10. She would like some juice 5 minutes before lunch. I say no. We toss the idea back and forth until lunch.
11. She says she's a cat, and licking her toes is okay at the table. I disagree.
12. I think she should eat more lunch. Since she is in charge of swallowing, I lose.
13. She thinks she should now have a snack. She's not even out of the kitchen from the lunch discussion when she suggests snack. Ha! No snack.
14. "Daddy is downstairs. I wake him up." "No, he's at school today." We fall back on this one whenever the other topics get dull.
15. Nap. No. Nap. No. Nap. No. Nap.

It's only 1:30 in the afternoon, so I imagine we will have many more things to discuss when she gets up from nap. Ha! I won the nap argument!


Sleeping Mommy said...

God bless you sweetie.

This from one mom of stubborn children to another.

Raehan said...

I see she "knows everything" just like mine does.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ite is good when children develop the killer instinct early in life. It will serve them well when they get to be boss and have to fire people.

Unknown said...

lol, sorry you had such a rough day

Mimi said...

And I thought my kids knew it all! You poor thing. Why didn't anyone prepare us for days like this? I have been through it all with my 4 and yet they still surprise me with new material.

JustLinda said...

hehehe Boy can I relate to some of those...

Toddlers and teenagers - they seem to think they know it ALL. It's our job as mothers to bust them down during the inbetween years. Otherwise, they'd rise up and take over the world. Then we'd all REALLY be in trouble. hahahah