Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Boy and his Dolls.

I'm getting a bit worried about Boy Terror. Yesterday, I went into his room, and found a 3 foot, naked blonde doll in his bed. This doll has a better shape than I could ever dream of, by the way. Today, he's carrying around a naked Barbie, kissing her. He hugs her, he kisses her, and then he flings her around by the hair. Where are the naked chicks coming from? Why does he love them so? Do they have to be blonde and naked, or will any dolly do?
He is such a fan of nudity. He will fling his shirt up to show off his belly at the slightest hint of interest from anyone. He thinks his privates are absolutely the funniest toys ever. And running around in a diaper before putting on jammies is the best time of his day.
He adores wearing his sister's Princess pearls around his neck. They are purple, and match the bracelets on his arm. He would have the tiara on, too, but it would interfere with his big floppy hat.
Whenever I put a hairbrush down for more than a second, Boy Terror grabs it. He brushes his hair, the cat, my hair, and his belly. He will stand still for hours if I run a brush over his head. I have to trick him into forgetting about the brush in order to get it back.
He's been trying for days now to get me to put Girl Terror's slippers on him. He wants to wear the pretty shoes, dammit!
At least I know he will always have an interesting personality. And I will try to not worry too much about the naked blonde in his bed, at least for a few more years.


Raehan said...

There is nothing more interesting than a naked Barbie.

Michele said...

I'm dying picturing him in a few years in pearls and pretty shoes with a naked blonde in his bed. HA!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Hoo boy, he's in touch with his inner female. Be sure to remind him of all this in about 12 years.

Beth said...

Well, at least while the naked blonde is still in his bed, you don't have to worry about his penchant for cross-dressing in his sister's stuff!! I have no experience with a boy child , but I'm guessing Barbie will win out in the end!!