Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wanted: New reading material

I love the people on my blogroll. But I want more. I need more! What's your favourite blog? Would I like it? Share with me, so I can laugh more everyday!


debby said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit! My favorite blog is my g/f (what me prejudice?)

I also have a bazillion others I adore - feel free to read from my blogroll!

Bethany said...

you asked for it! :-)

mommy writer [shameless self-promotion]
mommy underground [shameless self promotion
Mother In Chief
Cynical Mom

Anonymous said...

If you haven't ever come across these, I think you might like them.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Not necessarily funny but always interesting:

newword for fast is Latigo Flint who is stark raving bonkers.

outsidein has a brother-in-law in Iraq and a daughter, Abby, at college in Florida, whom she mentions today. This lady is fascinating.

Michelle said...

you should add me...because I'm awesome ;)

and also, I love this blog:

anisa is such a great writer!

JustLinda said...

Really? I'm on someone's list? I MADE A LIST???? REALLY?

Where do I mail the check? When is the publicity tour?

Today... I made a list. Tomorrow, fame and fortune.

OK, well, maybe not fame and fortune so much but at the very least, I'm having fun.

I'm still creating my favorites. I peek in on many of the ones on your list.

Let me compare my new little list to yours and see if I have any recommendations...

lillian said...

read mine :-)

danelle said...

Come and see ME!

And you'd love these folks:

Beth said...

If you're bored ----write your mother!!! Hint !!!

utenzi said...

Visiting from Michele, Tammy.

My blog, of course is a favorite of mine. *blush*

Another really good one is Lois Lane's blog:

Anisa said...

this is my first visit to your blog! i hope you'll visit mine too! michelle, thanks for the compliment! love your blog!!

i have some really great ones on my list of links, especially:

Dancing Barefoot
Each Day Counts
Sweet and Somber Fairytale
A Day in the Night of a Stripper

and many more!!

Jim Naka said...

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