Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scrooge-ish feeling today.

Hubby is one of those people that don't like surprises much. He writes a detailed Christmas wish list, and he honestly wants exactly what is on the list. Weird, I know. I personally love surprises, and it has taken years for me to understand that he doesn't care if he knows exactly what he's getting. He will be thrilled to death! I've never surprised him with a gift he loves. Never. I've surprised him, and he's gotten gifts he loves, but the two have never been the same thing. Now, the best I can hope for is that he won't know which things on his list I buy, and which things get ignored.
I did my Christmas shopping on Sunday. I was pretty pleased to be without kids, and I took advantage of it and went to the used book store. Hubby's list said he wanted "Timeline series" from the used book store. So I looked where he had pointed them out, hauled the entire series off the shelf, stacked it on the counter, and realized that I had Timeframe books. Not Timeline. Hmmm. Wonder if he made a mistake? I vaguely remember him saying something about another series, as in "Be sure to not get the other series of books here on this shelf." I went back and checked. No other books with Time in the title. I figured maybe I wasn't remembering his list correctly. I bought the books, feeling very pleased with my bargaining at the till, and hauled them home.
Last night, I looked at the wish list on the fridge. It very clearly states "Timeline" series. Uh-oh. I swear, the books I bought looked sufficiently historical/boring enough to be of interest to Hubby. Maybe he would like this collection just as much as the ones he picked out. Maybe they would even be better! Maybe I would get a diamond necklace for Christmas!! Ha.
There are no returns at the used book store. Resigning myself to another surprise-free Christmas, I asked Hubby if he was sure, absolutely certain, that the title he wanted was Timeline. He cackled, knowing now that he was getting the damn things for Christmas. Yup, he was sure. 100% positive, Timeline. Nothing else. He does not make mistakes. He giggled and asked "What ones did you buy?" I had no choice but to tell him. I said maybe, just maybe, these books would be great! He shook his head. Nope. Not possible. He wanted Timeline, not some other series. He went downstairs to check them out before I loaded them back to the used book store for credit. Not 10 minutes later, that man came back up, looking both thrilled and sheepish.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. He was wrong, wrong wrong. TimeFRAME is exactly what he wanted. And they look so inviting, hiding in my clothes cupboard! Now he knows what he's getting, he's seen the actual product in the house, and any surprise will be restricted to the colour of wrapping paper. He, of course, is fine with all this. I was sad. I love surprises, and this is the total opposite of surprise.
To add insult to injury, he had the nerve to ask if he could have the volume on Ancient China to take to school today to show his class. They are studying China! The book would be perfect! Please, oh please, can't he have it now?!



Haynes Family said...

I just love reading your blog. Your family reminds me of mine when they were younger. My husband does not like suprises either. He also makes out a detailed list and does not like for you to detour from it. My teenage daughters are just as bad, they makeup wishlist and writes down money for clothes(do not pick out).

Bethany Hiitola said...

Okay, so first, purchasing the actual RIGHT thing even though he had it wrong on his list--totally grande. I mean, who could ask for a better moment.

But then NOT letting him have it early? PRICELESS. :-)

J&J's Mom said...

I don't make lists... I agonize over "the perfect" gift for everyone on my list every year because I want them to be surprised. I love surprises too and want them to work as hard as I do;0)...I don't want to buy socks and underwear or a tie or a new mixer or a vaccuum cleaner (although I asked for a Dyson last year ;0) Good for you for not giving him the book ;0)

debby said...

I totally love having a list to go off of because 1) I am lazy 2) I am uncreative and 3) I am always afraid of getting the wrong thing. BUT I do add some surprises too!

Prego said...

My wife's family's got this thing where they call each other before birthdays and christmas to ask, "What does So and So need? It drives me nuts. I just go out and buy cool stuff I wish somebody'd gotten me.

On the flip side, my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday.
"A Quebec Nordiques jersey."
"Well what if I can't find one?"
"Then why'd you ask?"

Anonymous said...

My husband is also VERY specific on what he wants. He doesn't want much. But he wants exactly what he wants. So glad you were able to get your hubby the thing he wanted. He sure sounds excited too!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That is the tackiest way of finding out what gift you're getting I have ever heard of. Is he always this sly?