Monday, November 07, 2005

Tis the season

Is it too soon to put up my Christmas decorations? It's snowing here, and the trees are all covered. It looks like a Christmas card out my window, right down to the Magpie sitting in the pine tree.
I love Christmas. Really, really love it. I like the lights, the evergreens, the smells, everything. I have a fake tree, but if you saw what a Yukon tree looks like, you'd understand. I'm considering (at this point, I'd like Hubby to stop reading) going all burgandy this year. White lights, rich dark colours.
I've got a wreath on the door already, but I've restrained myself from doing the rest of the house. My general rule is that I can't start Christmas until after my birthday, but I'm really tempted this year!
What's your favourite part of Christmas decor? What do you think I need to go out to get right now?


Anonymous said...

A giant inflatable Santa nativity set for the front yard.

Anonymous said...

I think you should put your tree up! If it were snowing here, I would totally do that! I just might anyway. 1 month just isn't enough time to enjoy all of the festive decorations. At least for me, as soon as The last gift is unwrapped, I am thinking about taking the tree down! Wonder what is up with that?

Lisa said...

You could start on your Christmas cards or newsletter. My newsletters are done & the process of stuffing them into envelopes has begun.

Beth said...

A new car comes to mind!! Seriously though, even though I dislike Christmas now, when I was younger, the tree is what I remember - it was always a real one - the smell and sight of it were always magical to me. I used to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night just to look at it.Now that I'm old & jaded, the only thing that will bring back any Xmas feeling at all is hearing the old carols - Oh Come All Ye Faithful is my favourite. And I'm not even religious!!

Anonymous said...

I think the tree would be a great idea. Since we buy a real tree and replant it after Christmas, we wait until two weeks before Christmas to put it up. My grandmother always has her Christmas decorations up the first weekend in November. We enjoy it during Thanksgiving dinner.

Prego said...

Is your calendar missing a page? Mine says November.

You don't want to get all "Griswold" about it already, do you? I'd say do some prep-work, like Lisa suggested, to keep you busy. Perhaps you could dust off a couple holiday classics to get in the mood. Also, get started on your shopping, so you could avoid the holiday chafe of crowded stores.