Monday, January 09, 2006

A boy and his Daddy.

The Boy Terror charmed the pants right off his father the other night. Well, not really the pants, but you know what I mean.
Usually at bedtime, Hubby takes Girl Terror and tucks her in, reads to her, and sings their special songs together. I change Boy Terror and put him to bed. It's a routine that works for us. Well, I guess Boy Terror wanted to shake things up the other night. When bedtime came, he went and grabbed Hubby's hand, and pulled him down the hall into his bedroom, saying "night-night, night-night". Hubby said "You want me to put you to bed tonight?" and that little cutie just grinned. He went over to his change table, and lifted up his arms, and looked over as if to say "Like this, Daddy! Pick me up!" Who could resist that?! So Hubby tucked in his son, and I snuggled and read with Girl Terror. Now I just need to teach Boy Terror to yell "Daddy!!! Daaaaddddy!" in the middle of the night!

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

I'll bet you would have paid good money to see that event, if you had to. Priceless.