Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have the Power!

We had a major power outage here on Sunday. 5.5 long, dark hours. I was already headed into a mood, lucky for my poor family! Turns out that the worst thing for a person with PMS, a depression-dark mood, and a headache is....you guessed it! A power outage! Turn out the lights! No music, no TV, no lights in the playroom to distract the Terrors from their bitchy mother. Just the four of us, sitting in the living room by candle light, getting colder and crankier every passing minute.
We finally decided to haul our mattress upstairs, and all camp out in Boy Terror's room. That way everyone would be warm all night, and the neighbors wouldn't find our frozen carcasses strewn throughout the house sometime next week. Just as Hubby was bringing the queen-size mattress up the stairs and around the corner, the power came back on.
The absolute BEST thing for a person with PMS, a depression-dark mood, a headache, and cold feet is....the return of power! Woo hoo!!!

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

Of course they had to wait until your husband had done all the hard part of the move.