Friday, March 24, 2006

Girl Terror discovers a new way to make me batty.

At lunch today, Girl Terror finished everything on her plate and asked for "somepin' else" please. This is normal, and generally I can give her what she asks for. But occasionally, she will check to make sure the rules are still in place. Today was one of those days, and then some.
"What else would you like?"
"Hmmmm. A po-sicle."
"Nope. What else?"
"Hmmm. Some Banana cake!"
"No. The cake is all gone."
"No it's not! We still have some! I want cake!"
"The cake is gone. Do you want applesauce or more bread?"

Up until this point, Boy Terror had been oblivious. He was busy shoving grapes into his mouth (not chewing, just shoving) and had no interest in popsicles, or cake. But cookies got his attention. Spewing grapes everywhere, he yelled "TOOTIE!!!"
I gave Girl Terror a look that clearly said "Drop the cookie idea, do not get him wound up" and she totally ignored me. "I want a COOKIE!" This caused her brother to wail, over and over, "TOOTIE!" I told her no, no cookies, and could we please not say the word anymore, since it was just making her Boy Terror think he should have a cookie? Hmm? Let's just drop it.
She obeyed, in the letter of the law, but not so much the spirit. She proceeded to shout over her brother (TOOTIE! TOOTIE!) all the reasons we should not talk about cookies. "Tannen thinks we have COOKIES but really, they are just Daddy's, right? COOKIES are a sometimes food. I don't think he understands that COOKIES are not for everyday, Mummy. He thinks we can have COOKIES today. What's your favourite kind of COOKIE, Mummy? Hmmm? I like...chocolate COOKIES. And ice cream COOKIES. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about COOKIES, okay Mummy? Maybe, if I cannot have a COOKIE I will just have some more apple."


Anonymous said...

I think the manual they give to children when they're born states the child is responsible for finding a new way to make their mothers wacky each day!

Jessica said...

It's like that in our house with cheese. Our toddler is lactose intolerant, and cannot have cheese. Heaven forbid it's actually said in her presence. Unfortunately, her big brother doesn't quite get this, and will discuss ad nauseum why his sister cannot have cheese. Urgh.

debby said...

Personally? I LIVE for Tooties....Laura is a tootie pig..she will buy tooties and not share them. Oh, I am doing it too... sorry

JustLinda said...

Yep, you're on the brink... very soon, there will be full-blown FORMAL conspiracies with blue-prints and gantt charts and synchronized watches and everything.