Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Growing up.

When I was younger, all my good friends were guys. I had some girlfriends, but generally, I liked the guys better. They were more fun, less bitchy, and for the most part, I was skinnier than them.
There was Steve, the mechanic. He fixed my car over and over, and even loaned me his own car while he took mine apart. Jay made me look at my life with a critical eye, and tolerated no whining. Cody laughed like crazy when, during a driving-in-the-snow lesson, I "demonstrated" how to approach a yield sign, coast through, and slide right into the opposite snow bank. He never once suggested that I was a "woman driver". In fact, he wanted to do it again!
But the best guy-friend ever was Kirk. We nursed each other through broken hearts, bronchitis, homesickness, and life in general. In college he would call me up to drive to West Edmonton Mall (an hour away) for Sunday breakfast. I made friends with each of his girlfriends, usually just before he broke up with them. After college, we moved to opposite ends of the country, and keeping in touch was sporadic. Then, 3 years ago, Hubby, Girl Terror and I went for a visit. We stayed with Kirk, and within minutes of arriving, it was like we'd never been apart. True friends can always pick it up like that.
Now, Kirk's a dad. He called on Sunday to tell me his lovely wife had given birth to a son. A baby boy. The phone wires all but hummed with the pride. When I answered the phone and asked "How are you?" his answer said it all: "Great! I have a baby! I'm a Dad!!"
I'm so proud of him, and his new family, but suddenly I feel so...old. It seems like just last week he was telling me about his first kiss, and now, he's a Dad. I'm a Mom. Suddenly, we're all grown up.


mama said...

Hey, congrats to kirk. My friend is in labour right now as we speak - well type! I go to creative above macs - usually denise cuts my hair but i needed and early appt and she wasn't able to so i am going to somebody else at the same salon. Hopefully I like the way she does it! Wish me luck!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Didn't you guys ever talk about "things" when you were little? Geesh...

koreen (aka: winn) said...

hey wow! I'm kirk's "lovely wife"! thank you so much! yes, we're proud of our boy. :)