Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Pizza Woes

Girl Terror has always been a very good eater. I mean, she has her moments, like all little kids, but in general she eats just about anything. We've never had to draw the battle lines at the dinner table before. The last 24 hours, however, marked brought a new experience to her life. We call it "You will eat this or you will starve."
We made homemade pizza on last night. This is a very popular meal at our house, because we all get what we want. Boy Terror gets to eat a variety plate (no pizza crust or tomato sauce, just the toppings on a plate). Hubby makes his own pizza piled high with meat and 3 different kinds of cheese. Girl Terror and I draw a line of olives down the middle of one crust, and each take a side. I get my pineapple ("Yuck!" says my daughter) and olives, ham and a bit of cheese. She puts olives, green peppers, onions, and cheese on hers. Twelve minutes later, we're all happy with our creations.
For some reason, last night Girl Terror decided she wasn't eating her pizza. True, she had some fruit while she was waiting, but I don't think she was full. She just didn't want to eat it for some reason. Lately she's been trying to skip supper, hoping that something better will be offered. Time to nip it in the bud. We told her that unless she ate the one piece of pizza, there would be nothing else. Half an hour later, she left the table, hungry (I assume). The pizza was put away for later.
At snack time before bed, the pizza re-appeared. She pushed it around the plate, she picked at the crust, she did not eat. She went to bed a subdued little girl. No snack.
At 3 am (or was it 4? It all runs together after awhile) she woke up teary, and when I went in to her, she sobbed "I sure wish I ate TWO things for snack. Maybe a COOKIE with my pizza." Obviously her little brain was working overtime, dealing with this new parental torture technique.
I gave her a normal breakfast, but at lunch today that damn slice of pizza was waiting for her. It took her almost an hour, but she ate it. I wondered at one point if she would gag, but she made it through. I always swore I wouldn't put my child through the whole "Sit there until you eat it" ordeal, but here we were, forcing her to eat the pizza she had made herself.
I told her I was proud of her, and asked if she would like anything else for lunch. I probably would have given her a tub of chocolate ice cream at that point. But she didn't ask for ice cream. She asked "Where are my other pieces of pizza?" I told her I had eaten them, since she wasn't looking like she wanted them. Whereupon she burst into tears.


Mary P. said...


Well played, mom and dad. And how odd - yet not all that unusual - that after struggling for an hour to gag the thing down, she'd then cry because there was no more. Hopefully this one episode will be all it takes to convince her to abandon this behaviour.

Kids. Contrary little critters...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Poor little kid. Poor Momma. This one really hurts.

Anonymous said...

I cannot even remember how I found your blog...a series of links from other blogs I am sure. I think I laugh out loud at almost all of your postings. They are hilarious!

My mother called me a "mean mommy" once for doing just what you did. But I refused to throw away dinner because of my 2 year olds sudden change of tastes (he ate the same thing last week). It took him 2 1/2 hours for him to eat his dinner, but he did it and it hasn't been an issue again! whew!

Anyway, I love reading your should really write a book.