Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yes, it makes your ass look fat.

I was leafing through a catalogue the other day and came across this line: "The current look in jeans, now with a comfort waist and tummy control panel." Okay. We won't even bother discussing the fact that the jeans in question were not jeans at all. They were cotton-polyester-spandex pants. Let's focus instead on the lack of a clear consumer audience. I think it's pretty safe to say, if the shopper is looking for a "comfort waist" or "tummy control panel" they aren't concerned so much with the current jean styles.
There comes an age where a woman just has to accept it. Her butt does not look good in low-rise jeans. Her boobs are not perky enough for a tube top. Shorts are too short if your butt cheeks are showing, even just a little.
In the same catalogue, I saw an item of clothing I haven't seen since I was 10. It didn't look good on me then, and god knows it wouldn't look good now. A velour "romper" is not something a grown woman should ever be seen in. I don't care how comfortable it is, if your toddler has one, you shouldn't.


Anonymous said...

I haven't worn a tube top since I was sixteen, and for very good reason: eeewww...

And a romper? I think I put my eldest in one, when she was three. The thought that they are made in adult sizes is a little...disconcerting.

carmilevy said...

If I ever show up - in person or online - in leisure wear, rompers or anything approximating Golden Age wear, please shoot me.