Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I became a Grandma today.

The Terrors were playing "house" today. Girl Terror was being Mummy, and Boy Terror was Daddy. The dolls were the babies, and the whole gang was visiting "Grandma". Guess who got to be Grandma?!
In the past, I've worried a bit about the Boy's love of dollies. But after watching the two of them play today, I realize he does not have a mothering instinct at all. Not a nurturing bone in his body.
The "Mummy" and "Daddy" brought their little plastic lovelies out to visit. "Mummy" held her darling in her arms, cooing and chatting about her hair and eyes. She carefully held up the baby for my (Grandma's) inspection. "Daddy" pulled a Michael Jackson. He forced his baby to stand on the top of the baby gate, and then he pretended to almost drop her over the edge, all the while going "Oh! Oh! Careful! Oh NOooooo..." and the baby was dead. He said "Oh no. Baby fell down" and walked away.
It was time for the babies to get dressed. "Mummy" carefully choose a pink stripey shirt, pink pants, and a matching pink jacket. It took many trips out to visit Grandma, but eventually Baby was dressed and ready for the day. "Daddy" grabbed his naked baby by the foot, and swung her along down the hall. At one point, he sniffed and said "Whoo-ee! Stinky bum! Change bum!" and tossed the baby back in the playroom.
Boy Terror did display some love and affection when his sister said it was time for the babies to go to sleep. They both tucked their little ones into toy bins/bed, covered them with blankets, and kissed them good night. Then Girl Terror tiptoed away, saying "Sshhhh. They sleeping now, Grandma." Boy Terror waited about 5 seconds, and then he dumped the bin of musical instruments in on top of his Baby, and shouted "Mohning!! Up now!" and proceeded to serenade them with a Kazoo medley.
I cannot wait for them to have kids. I will be the Grandma, and I will laugh and laugh when Boy Terror calls to tell me his kid wants to play drums all night instead of sleeping. Then I will hang up and go take a nap.

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carmilevy said...

Damn, they're cute. My heart swells when I watch our kids play like that. It reinforces to me that there's kindness and love buried deep within the siblin rivalry that usually colors their time together.