Tuesday, August 15, 2006


We're off to visit the wizard....no, not really. We are leaving in the morning to go visit Hubby's parents. It means a two day drive and a six hour ferry ride each way, so we will be gone over a week. I love road trips, the Terrors love all travel, and Hubby is happy as long as he gets to drive and choose the music.
I'll see you all in 10 days!

PS If you're an internet stalker type, and you are looking for a good house to break into, come on over. I left the pennies in the change jar (but took the nickels and dimes). The furniture is covered with snot. My clothes are from the second hand store. But knock yourself out! Just be sure and hug my kitty for me, okay? We have a friend to feed and water her, but I don't think he's planning on spending evenings sitting around my empty house, talking to an elderly cat.


Mary P. said...

Bon voyage! Have a lovely time!

Dreama said...

enjoy the time down south and you'll come back either fully tanned or moldy (from all that rain).

there will probably snow on the ground by the time you get back, you know. heh heh

Twisted Cinderella said...

have a great trip! We'll miss ya!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I just know your house will be safe. As will all of you, since the Mr. is such a good driver.

(I trust there are no lies in the above.)

Prego said...

dibs on the chain mail.

have fun.


(sound of smashing glass and tip-toein')