Thursday, August 24, 2006

Home again, home again, hippity hop.

The best part of any trip is getting home. It's wonderful to sleep in my own bed, and find clothes that are not in a suitcase! We had a fantastic trip. The Terrors are excellent travelers. They play, read, sleep, and generally love the adventure of hotel rooms.
We left home last Wednesday and drove as far as Bell 2 Lodge. It's really a neat place, but the price was nuts. I thought Hubby might have a stroke at breakfast....a fortune for pretty bad food. Thursday we drove to Prince Rupert and stayed there overnight. Well, not so much all night. We had to check in at the ferry terminal at 4:30 AM. That's about 3 hours before morning. I remember a time when coming home at 4 was normal! In fact, a number of folks on the ferry had clearly staggered in from a party, and crashed once the ferry was on it's way.
The ferry ride was amazing. In the past, I have not done well on ferries. I hate the feeling of being trapped in the middle of the ocean with all those annoying strangers. I get claustrophobic and seasick and all round bitchy. I know Hubby was really looking forward to the 6 hour ride! But this time, I did great. The ocean was calm. The ferry was not crowded. And I was too distracted by the whales to be bitchy! WHALES!! Right next to the ship! And dolphins!!
We got to the Queen Charlottes just after noon, and drove to Masset, where Hubby's parents both live. What a gorgeous place. Everyone says the islands are special, but until you see the rain forest, and stand on the edge of the ocean, it's just not possible to understand. Girl Terror didn't have the words for what she was feeling, and finally settled on "When I see the ocean, my heart feels so proud!"
We spent Friday afternoon until Monday morning with the grandparents, and taking trips to the ocean to collect rocks and shells. Hubby took some wonderful pictures of the rain forest, but it's impossible to capture the grandeur on film.
A return ferry trip, and looong night drive, and two hotels later, we are back home. Like I said, the best part of any trip is coming home. Although, if I could have stayed on the beach forever, I would have.


Anonymous said...

Hubby's pic's are amazing. He should sell them.

Anonymous said...

The pictures brought back some very fond memories. One of holidaying in Tofino with all the cousins and jumping in the very frigid waves. The other, sailing the Queen Charlotte's on a 30 ft sailboat with my husband. Whales right beside the boat...a little scary when we were just slightly longer than they were. What a trip! I am envious!

TC said...

I love coming home from vacation too! Hubby's pics are awesome!

debby said...

I love GOING on vacation.....I guess that makes me a bad person huh?

KaY said...

Loved the 9th pic! The way those branches covered the sky. Real nice.

Glad to hear you got to go on your trip.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Hubby takes nice pictures. Now then, you go to Adjective School and your descriptions will vastly improve. Heh.

Anonymous said...

So glad the trip was good! And hubby's got some nice photos there!

Just hearing about Tofino in the news now, having water troubles. Anywhere near where you were?