Saturday, September 02, 2006

Playing Tag

Northern Girl tagged me, and now I'm it. She gave me a list of 5 words, and I have to say what my first thought is. Hmmm. I think we are about to discover that I am very, very boring.

Sink: I already did the dishes. Yay!!
Apple: I should cut one up for the Terrors breakfast tomorrow. Green one. We have a whole crisper full.
Remote: That damn cheap remote for the bedroom TV is on the blitz again.
Stool: I love my tiny kitchen step stool!

But wait. Perhaps I was supposed to just say one word? Okay.

Sink: dishes
Apple: Green
Remote: lost
Stool: kitchen
Tire: Canadian.

Still boring, aren't I? Sigh.


Prego said...

I'd have gone with Stool:sample myself. That's just the potty humor in me, though.


KaY said...

You're not boring. You're funny.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

No, this is fun. I think I will steal this meme.

TC said...

Too funny! I love your multi-word answers the best!

Beth said...

Oh let me play!!

Sink: full, get lazy when hubby is gone
Apple: Haven't eaten one in ages
Remote: Have 3 thanks to Hubbie's new TV and my old VCR - always messing them up amd forgetting which does what!!!
Stool: one a day hopefully
Tire: What I do so easily nowadays.

Birdie said...

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!! Well you did better than I would have, girl.

Thanks for blogrolling me. I've added you to mine as well. Us moms gotta stick together!

Big hugs, Birdie

Mary P. said...

I'm getting more pictures than words, but here we go:

Sink: float
(Or, simultaneously, "shine", as in Flylady) I'm seeing an apple floating in a shiny sink...

Apple: Sleeping Beauty (Seeing that scene where she falls so improbably gracefully to the floor, the apple rolling away).

Remote: ex-husband ('Nuff said.)

Stool: umm ... nothing. Absolutely nothing. Except "sample". LMAO, thanks, prego. (Had been picturing small wooden, three-legged milking stool before that, though.)

Tire: flat (Skinny tires on racing bike propped against the side of my house. Both tires flat.)

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