Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cuteness oozing all around.

When the Terrors were babies, I sang to them every night. We still sing to Girl Terror almost every night, and as a family we sing all day long. (Makes us sound like some sort of demented Von Trapp family, doesn't it?). One of the songs I sang went like this:

"We love you Aidan
oh yes, we do.
We love your pretty smile,
your blue eyes too.
When you're not near to us
we're blue...
oh Aidan, we love you."

As a teenager, I learned it from a lady at church who had a new baby. It stuck in my head, and now I sing it to the Terrors.
Tonight after supper Girl Terror made my day, my month, my year. She was carrying her dolly around all wrapped up, and she sang, in her adorable little-girl voice:

"I love you Baby.
Oh yes, I do.
I love your pretty smile,
your blue eyes too.
When you're not near to us
we're blue....
Oh Baby, we love you."

I can't wait to be a grandmother!


Anonymous said...

We sing all day too. The kids are teenagers and we still sing along with Raffi and his Bananaphone CD....

Anonymous said...

Your song is from Bye Bye Birdie, a great musical. The original is "we love you conrad, oh yes we do ..." sung to elvis-like conrad birdie by the hoards of screaming gal groupies. now it's stuck in my head! thanks!

Elizabeth said...

How sweet!

We sing that song to Bear, too...along with "You are my Sunshine", and "Lullaby and Goodnight" - all tweaked to Bear's name.

Although, I have to agree with anon - now it is stuck in my head too.

Rootietoot said...

We sing too, only I think most of our songs come from a Tim Burton movie.
"Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts..."

Anonymous said...

That is too adorable!

debby said...

I am going to change your name to Maria...I LOVE that movie!