Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back from the blackness.

Thanks for the thoughts. I am feeling better, thankfully this was a short-lived mood. Just to respond to a few of your comments:

NJAM: You've got it- just when I think the meds are no longer needed, I get a good kick in the pants to remind me of just how bad it can be.
Mary: The sun is almost in sight!
Sky: My personal "fog" is depression. It comes and goes, but fortunately for me, I respond extremely well to medications, and within a few days of taking the pills I could feel a major improvement. I've quit the drugs a few times (for pregnancy, and once because I'm just stupid like that) and realized that I will be on these chemicals for life.
Hoss: I'd like to think that just smiling and "being happy" would lick this thing, but really, after awhile I can't even fake it. I just hold on and ride it out. It cannot be fixed by "mind over matter".
Rootie: Thanks for the tip! I do cry, at the beginning and again at the end of each episode. On the way down and on the way back up. But while I'm "down there" I have no tears. I have nothing.
Beth: You nailed it. The fall weather, the lack of being outside this past few weeks, and work stress all combined, I think. Of course, the medication screw-up day didn't help! It probably just pushed me over the edge!

All in all, I'm back to the land of the living. I still have my babies, Hubby made it through unscathed, and I'm not spending all day thinking about my bed. It can only get better from here.


Anonymous said...

And try to remember the next time if there was a sensation, a smell, a song, and shirt that brought you out of the slump. Start out by utilizing the "renewal" item and try focussing on the positive it brought.
Oh, Average Mom, I so know what you are feeling.
And again, keep sharing...we're hear to listen and perhaps if appropriate, offer help.

Mary P. said...

I've only ever suffered a few weeks of post-partum depression - enough to give me a taste of the beast. One other blink of it, at a time of extreme stress - but because it was so brief, I think it was simply a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

I'm glad your fog is lifting, and so quickly.

Rootietoot said...

AM- I posted about depression just this morning www.becauseitstoopersonal.blogspot.com

I get it because I'm manic-depressive. Knowing that it's a disorder and not some inherent character flaw helps. A little.

I have also found, strangely, that a big slab of rare beef will lift it for a day or two. If I eat it, that is.

debby said...

again.. a hug and a smile... for lack of anything else to offer..

Beth said...

I'm so glad this spell was short-lived!! You gotta keep an eye on those meds and keep taking them. But there is 'light at the end' ...maybe not forever. Brother Roy stopped taking medication in May, with the help of his therepist ...first time in 20 years!! So far - so good. But of course, the upcoming winter months and Xmas bullshit will be the real test. But because he actually works for the Mental Health Assoc. he has a huge , built in support system.
Feel I should also rectify my answer to the previous post ....when I said that I had never personally had to deal with 'the fog'.
When I wasn't working for so long, and started getting up later every day, sometimes not bothering to get dressed , lost interest in everying I used to love to do etc......Both you and Roy said I was depressed and didn't have sense enough to know it!! I thought I was just being lazy.
Once I started working again, I felt better ...........really pissed me off, since I thought that being retired was what I really wanted all these years. The mind is really a very weird and wonderful thing.