Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good thing I live in the frozen north

We were watching a video last night about the Amazon. It was a great show, full of phenomenal camera shots and interesting info. Girl Terror is big into nature shows, so she was sitting on her daddy, chattering away the entire time.
Naturally, in the course of the program we saw some nudity. Entire tribes of naked people. Men, women, boys and girls, all wandering around the world nude. Before you send the child protection people after me for showing porn to my kids, let me assure you it was all okay. No close ups. Just National Geographic type nakedness.
Girl Terror wanted to know "Why? Why are they all naked?" We told her they were bathing in the river, and went on to explain that in some places, people don't wear clothes. Just like that. No purple socks for them! No shoes, no hats or mitts or winter coats. No fights every morning over weather related wardrobe issues. No screaming demands to wear GREEN! JUST GREEN! Ahem. I digress.
I thought Girl Terror would want to send some clothes to the people of the Amazon. I figured she would talk about the weather, and how nice it would be to live in a warm sunshiney place. But no. Instead, she said "We should do that too! We should be naked all the time too, okay Mummy?!"
Sigh. She will be such a good traveller, willing to do whatever it takes to fit in with the natives.

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Dreama said...

I think its wonderful that girl terror is interested in other cultures...however if you start sending her to school naked...we shall have to