Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you know where your daughter is?

Today a student bounced into the classroom, all excited. She said "Ask me how my weekend was! Ask!" So I dutifully asked "How was your weekend?"
"The wildest ever! I got arrested for 24 hours!!"

She was in a car with a drug dealer. The cops found $400 worth of crack in the car. She was held for 24 hours. And she was very proud of this story.

My heart cannot take much more of this.


Anonymous said...

ahhhh good to know the youth of today strive for perfection and have such high standards

Dreama said...

This doesn't surprise me for the city you are in, which is pretty sad, for sure. I worked with kids who sold themselves to pay for that crack. It does gall me when they brag on their behaviour, but they often think it is the only way to gain attention, shock value. I wouldn't be surprised if the story wasn't somewhat embellished as well. I once had a kid on my caseload who told her foster mother that she shot heroin under her fingernails. It was totally not true but freaked the hell out of her foster mother. They love to do that sometimes.