Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We will sell in the winter. It's the only way.

When we first saw this house, and decided to buy it, it was winter. Well, it was April, which in these parts means winter. The entire neighborhood was covered in a clean blanket of snow. I remember asking if there was lawn under the snow. I should have been asking to see photos of the 'hood during summer months.
We live on one corner of an intersection. Across the street, there is a lovely house, with a pretty lawn, and a nice fence. Diagonally, there is a pretty house with a lovely lawn, and a tasteful solar powered row of night lights. However, to our right, there is a house of demented artists.
In the front of their house, these people have a very large inuksuk, accompanied by a number of smaller inuksuit. They, in turn, are surrounded with a sea of turquoise stones. Oh, did I mention the colours? The large inuksuk is currently dark metallic purple. It was gold, but then it turned black, and got a layer of shiny purple. The smaller ones are red, orange, green, fuchsia....I can't remember. The colours change often. Like every weekend.
Along the side of the house, which faces my house, there are animal pictures made by arranging large rocks into shapes. An eagle (black, white, and gold), 5 fish (turquoise and white with black eyes), a brown bear (brown, of course!), 3 multi-coloured butterflies in sparkly purple, white, turquoise, and any other colour you can imagine, a brown mammoth with white tusks, and another inuksuk. This one is two dimensional, being flat on the ground. It is silver, fluorescent pink, gold, and lime green.
Every time this woman paints, I think "Okay. It can't get any worse. She must be done." But then, somehow, it does. And she continues. The spray painting entertains me every Sunday morning. Tourists stop and get out of their cars to take pictures. Locals all know where I live, because I just have to say "Next to the coloured rock people".
Our house is very boring. The grass is all the same colour. Well, it's close. The house is white. The fence is brown. Very boring. I bet it drives the lady across the street nuts.


Anonymous said...

She has a lot of time on her hands, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

Bawhaha I've seen this and you are being to kind in the description...lol
I told you...tree animals dresses in an array of costumes that change daily...,aybe then they will like you!!

Anonymous said...

We always move in the fall. She must have time on her hands.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You should go with the flow: Paint the fence white, and the lawn brown.

Dreama said...

it could be worse - there could be broken beer bottles, cigarette butts, soggy pampers and dirty needles out there.

Now I don't remember seeing the house, but I'm sure I've driven by it. Now I have to get my daughter to drive by and take a photo of it for me...


Anonymous said...

LOL I drove by the other day and the only thing I could see was the blinding neon pink!