Monday, October 01, 2007


I don't know about anyone else's work place, but my staff room is always interesting. It might the red bordello sofas, it might be the lack of students, I'm not sure, but teachers are an unusual bunch to have lunch with.
All the "boys" sit on one side of the room. I tried sitting over there once last week, when my usual spot was taken, but then they all left. Seriously. So I was stuck sitting in the boy-area, with no boys.
I have a spot. It's the corner of a couch that faces into the room. I sit with all the girls. Yes, really. We talk about anything from our last birth experience to what to cook for supper. Today we discussed the possibility of renting a U-Haul and going on a road trip to IKEA. Woo hoo!!!
Eating with grown-ups is not as thrilling as I had hoped. I still feel the need to wipe up afterwards. There might be hissy fits. Sometimes, people don't like their lunch, and want somebody to share. It's still rude to read while I eat, I can't put my feet up, and nobody wants to hear about my misery.
I guess what I am saying is this. Working moms like to get out of the house. But sometimes, work is just like home. Only without the comfy jammies.

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