Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In sickness and in health isn't just a wedding vow.

I don't mind being the Mummy when my kids are sick. Really. I feel sad for them, with their hot little bodies, and sore throats, and drippy noses. I bring them kleenexs. I remind them to drink lots of water. I stay home with them, and try to be entertaining. I let them get away with things that normally cause major time outs, because I realize they feel like crap and don't know what to do about it. I say "awww" and "it will be okay, baby" and "come here and snuggle". I think it's that last one that gets me into trouble.
I HATE being the Mummy when I am sick. I want everyone to leave me the hell alone. I feel hot, my throat is sore, and my nose is raw. I go through tissues at the speed of light. I drink gallons of tea. I go to work, usually, because....well. Just because. I am NOT entertaining. I feel like crap. But I KNOW what to do about it. I need to go away, be alone, and left in peace with my jammies. I do not want snuggles. I do not want my eardrums shattered by the sounds of "loving disagreement" between the Terrors. I would like them to realize that if I did not snuggle them, feed them, and wipe their nasty little boogers away, I would not be in this position now. This is their fault, and I think somebody should pay.
I must go now and blow my nose.


M&Co. said...

I remember when being sick was fun. It's not anymore.

Dreama said...

awwww, it will be okay.

Anonymous said...

I am taking tomorrow off sick.

I am not sick.

I am not sick, but if I have to work tomorrow, I probably will be. So I will stay home and luxuriate in Being Alone in the Quiet. I will probably have a bubble bath and do the manicure-pedicure thing. I will certainly real a lot and have cups of tea, and write. (Which is work, but I love it.)

The way I see it is this: I never got any sick days when my kids were little. I just kept right on. So now I'm looking after other people's little kids, why waste a perfectly good sick day being sick? (Since, whenever I'm sick - which is not often - it's ALWAYS something I've caught from them, anyway.)

I mean, really. So what you do, see, is go to work now, and in a few days, when you feel better, take a sick day.