Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back to the table again

Hi! I came back. It's summer now, and I have actual free time, and I miss writing. So. What's new? What did I miss? Any good gossip?
Not a lot of news here. Girl Terror just turned six. SIX!!! That's so.....old! Boy Terror turned four on his birthday, and I'm having trouble remembering that he is just four, not five, not six. I always thought babies were the best age, the most fun, and the cutest. But now, I'm thinking that four and six are great. They can play on their own, they get my jokes, but they still like hugs and snuggles.
I survived the year of teaching totally new subjects. In fact, I will be doing it all again next year. Same stuff, new kids. This will be the first time I've ever had the same classroom two years in a row. Trust me, that's exciting. I didn't have to pack every item I own, shlep it through the hall, down the stairs, through the other hall, and up another set of stairs. Woo hoo!!
I'm having a yard sale this weekend, so I'm off to sort through the junk. Leave a note so I know you were here, and I'm not just whistling in the dark.


gmanSet said...

Welcome back!
We missed you!
We hope to see more of your fabulous life, posted for all to see and enjoy.
You are a very good writer.
Good thing I procrastinate a lot and didn't delete my blog alerts!

barbie2be said...

welcome back! michele sent me!