Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Life in general. Or, Summer makes me happy.

I am fortunate enough to be married to another teacher. This is not why I stay with him, but it sure helps. We get the work issues, understand the stresses of each day, and most importantly, have the same holidays. Woo hoo!
It is finally summer here in the Yukon. The prediction for today is 24, with clear skies. I know this, because the weather is reported to me every day, courtesy of Girl Terror. For me, the forecast means outside! Sunshine! The beach! To hubby, however, the forecast is a sign that he should retreat to the basement, and stay in the concrete cage until the sun goes down. The sunset tonight is 11:31 pm. Sunrise is 4:36. That leaves five short hours of no direct sun, and at no point during the night will it get dark outside. The conclusion? Hubby is a basement dweller. He despises the sun. He gets a sunburn on his way to the car. 24 degrees sounds torturous to him.
It has taken 12 years, but I finally get it. He does not want to go hang out on the beach with me, crisping up, chatting endlessly. Good thing for him the summer here is very, very short. I will pack all sorts of good sunshiny fun into each day, and all winter long, when it's dark and cold, I will have tales to tell him, stories to share, and memories to keep me warm. (He won't necessarily want to listen to my chatter, but he loves me, so he'll nod and say "Mmm hmm" occasionally to keep me happy.)

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carmilevy said...

I feel his pain. Every day of southwestern Ontario summer, I curse our decision to move here from the relatively cool climes of Montreal. Global warming freaks me out because eventually there will be nowhere to hide from the toaster oven that our planet is becoming.