Monday, July 28, 2008

Boy Terror at the pool.

In case you think it's only my daughter who says the weird stuff, here are some tidbits from Boy Terror today.
We were headed into the swimming pool complex, for a lovely family afternoon. Boy Terror was already wearing his swim trunks, to make things easier. As we walked up to the door, he started. "I gave my underwears to Mummy, since I don't need them on right now. But I'm wearing my bathing suit, right Daddy? I sure don't want to show my PENIS. Nope. I don't show humans my penis. Penis's (what is the plural?) are not for showing. I keep my penis covered." All in his chirpy, loud, little boy voice. And yes, he always refers to the general population as "humans". Not people. Humans.
After swimming, during which he mercifully forgot about his penis, we were back in the car. I was trying to hint around and get some thanks and appreciation for my brilliant idea (swimming! Yay!) so I said "That was fun, right?" Girl Terror agreed. "Oh YES!! That was GREAT! We need to do it again!" Boy Terror didn't want to be left out. His contribution? "Yup, that was wet."


Anonymous said...

Humans, eh? That's funnier than "penis." Or maybe I'm not a normal human.

WackyMummy said...

LOL! So glad your Terrors keep you humble too. Gosh, what DON'T they say?!?!?!

MorahMommy said...

LOL! They're hilarious.

My boys love saying the word penis! I was mortified when at the doctor's office Zach (then 6 or 7) mentioned something about a penis or his penis...I don't remember.

The doctor laughed and then she said: "Debbie, boys discover their penis when they are a day old and the fascination doesn't end until the day they die!"

I love thinks kids say!