Sunday, July 27, 2008

A fun day at the lake

Part of the reason I survive living in the Yukon is the fact that we leave every year for a week or two. Sadly, we usually go "down south" when it is the nicest here, simply because that is when it fits our schedule. It is crucial to my mental well being that I get out of the fishbowl, away from this place, and see a shopping mall. This year, however, we are staying put. Due to all sorts of reasons, which boil down to lack of funds, we choose to stick with it here at home for the entire summer. Naturally, this is the summer that everyone will remember as "the year we had no sun". Seriously. Possibly Hubby will remember it as "the summer my wife was so cranky she made me consider being a monk".
Because our usual summer activities have been canceled, Hubby and I are trying to do other "fun" stuff with the Terrors. "Fun" for them. No vodka involved. Tomorrow we are going swimming at the pool. Today, in honor of the fabulous weather (it isn't actually raining! It's just cold, windy, and cloudy!) we drove out to the lake. And the other lake.
Hubby and I will remember the clouds. We will remember driving around for 2 hours, so we could spend 20 minutes getting sand in our shoes, and bugs on the windshield.
The important part is what the Terrors will remember. I can guarantee they will talk about the day we went to two lakes. They will giggle when they tell the story of Mummy going down the slide. Boy Terror will shiver and describe how cold his toes were in the water. Girl Terror will ask to go back to the playground at the second lake, you know, the one with the merry-go-round. It will be a fun time in their memory. They will not realize how great it could have been. They will focus on how great it really was.


koreen (aka: winn) said...

And that's the great thing about kids: they have no clue. And they don't need vodka. I hope your summer improves. :) Although, I could really go for a tequila right about now after what The Boy put me through..... :P

Anonymous said...

A tequila sounds perfect! Where are we all meeting? :)