Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Forever Young

I've been feeling old. Perhaps that's why I was thinking about my twenties yesterday. Who knows. My hairdresser today pointed out my "natural silver highlights" (I got the hint and made an appointment for next Wednesday). I found veins, blue and visible, on the front of my leg. The wrinkle between my eyebrows is now a permanent part of my face. All my face creams promise to fight the signs of aging. And I've forgotten where I was going with this post...
Oh right! I was feeling old. But I just got back from the grocery store, where a lovely young man (my, I even sound old) flirted with me!! Suddenly, I feel young! Attractive! Able to pick up possibly homeless men in the cereal aisle!!
When was the last time you had an unexpected encounter, a teeny thrill, or a young feeling moment? Leave me a note telling your story.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED getting carded at the grocery store when I bought wine.... by pimply-faced young men who called me "miss".... in my early 30's! But that's California for you, where if you don't have an observable facelift scar you must be young.

Anonymous said...

ahh the flirt. There's nothing like it to feel young again. Here's mine. this past winter just before christmas getting out of the car w/ two kids in snow suits and boots AND carrying a large package and a bunch of envelopes over a block is NOT fun. So while getting out of the car and struggling w/ the package this guy says hey are you going to post office?
I'm thinking: no dumbass I just lug this around for fun.
yes I answer,
he says me too, I'll save you a spot in line.
Ok sure I say, laughing it off.
When I manage to make it into the post office there he is.. in line at the front, he turns and sees me, and yells(yes yells) Hi honey, I was waiting for you, come over here!
I'm embarressed and not actually thinking he is serious, but I play along and pass the other 15 people in line. As I get to where he is he gives me a wink and let's us go ahead of him line! We finished up mailing our stuff at about the same time. He says loudly as we walk out "together" I have to go back to work, see you guys later for dinner!
It was sweet and made my day and my week for that matter.
thank goodness no one that knew me was there and told my husband!!

Anonymous said...

Well... working in a university does keep you feeling young, but the other day I sure felt OLD.

There is one attractive student in my class that I've enjoyed talking to over the last few weeks. Well, the page we were studying in the book that day was asking about family, ages, and so on, standard English as second language stuff. So the question about parents' ages came and this student answered, "My father is 44 and my mother 41. You almost the same."

I about fell out of my chair and blurted, "You could be my child!"

The class laughed and carried on, but that, "You almost the same." kept ringing in my ears.

Where did the time go?!