Saturday, July 19, 2008

My kingdom for some coffee

We're 24 hours in to the No More Coffee lifestyle, and everyone is still alive. I do have a bone to pick with the idiot on the internet who said "Quit when you have a hangover! Then you won't notice the misery!"
I have a hangover. Not a terrible one, but have you ever had a good hangover? Do you know what cures hangovers? COFFEE!!! I do notice the misery. My head hurts, and I'm a bit cranky and tired. Other than that, though, it's going well. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Hubby might have a different perspective, but we aren't asking him, okay?


WackyMummy said...

You poor girl! My motto is everything in moderation. Don't quit if it's not killing you! My sympathies are with you. I'd like to be coffee-free too, but then I'd yell so much more, and I'd like to also not scar The Boy, so it's all about compromise. I'll quit coffee when I'm dead. Or can't make it for myself anymore. Whichever comes first.

MaryP said...

Eight years ago, I started having stomach problems. The doctor suggested I eliminate a bunch of stuff, then re-introduce them one at a time and see which were triggers for the pain. (More to it than that, but this will suffice.)

The big triggers turned out to be alcohol and caffeine. I went for five years without alcohol and seven years without caffeine. Now I drink tea and alcohol again, in moderation, but I still can't tolerate coffee.

(I always did alcohol in moderation; caffeine, not quite so much. But still not as bad as many people!)

Anyway. My tip? The first four days will be the worst. Take pain killers for the headaches. Drink lots and lots of water. After a week, you'll feel much better.

And then you can decide whether to keep on without it. I'm just stubborn enough to want it to be a decision I make because of my brain, not my addiction. Besides, it turns out I quite like decaf coffee. Decaf tea, on the other hand, tastes like dishwater.

Omykiss said...

You could try tea ... it has loads of anitoxidants along with the caffeine! I came from carmi .. congrats on your caption win!

Michele said...

Good for you! I've given up coffee several times, and what it always comes down to for me isn't so much the addiction to the caffeine as the addiction to the morning ritual. I can never figure out what to do with myself in the mornings if I'm not making coffee and then slowing sipping it while I read blogs.