Sunday, July 20, 2008

Physical Phitness.

My small town has two small newspapers. Generally, there is not a lot of excitement in those pages. This past week, however, there was an article that got my attention. It was a feature on Phit, the newest women's only spa. Women only, because, well, it's all about the vagina. Yes, that's right, I said "vagina". Right here on my blog.
At Phit, you can learn all sorts of exercises. And the best part? You can have a personal trainer who will assess your.....phitness, and recommend the proper course of action. Yes. You can pay a stranger to check out the strength/tightness/elasticity of your most private parts. Then the stranger will give you a grade. Will tell you if you need work. Such fun!!
It is also possible, through Phit, to have "the other face lift" done. There are several variations on that theme, but you get the idea.
You know, I consider myself a very modern woman. I teach sex ed. I do not blush easily. But I still consider a brazilian something from Brazil. A bikini wax is actually just an overpriced form of torture. So the idea of going to the "spa" and letting someone check out my "tone", or even, god forbid, slice offending pieces of me away, well, that's just too much for my mind. I'm boggled. Amazed. And wondering, just how fit am I?

Edit: Hey! I just found out I won Carmi's caption this last week. He's got a great shot up for this week, go check him out and tell him I said hi. I know, this has nothing to do with the previous topic. Welcome to my rambling mind.


Carmi said...

You're very kind!

Have to admit I laughed my head off at the "phit" thing. I wonder what the copywriter thought as he/she wrote the material for the web site. Is it something that can be discussed with mom at the dinner table?

What a world we live in, eh? I count myself fairly open-minded and forward-thinking as well, but sometimes I just have to wonder.

(I promise I won't post any like-themed photos from this place!)

Anonymous said...

what the hell...I obviously need to actually read the paper not just flip through it to make myself look smart and "of the times" lol

Elizabeth said...

Holy. Shit.

Or, not, as the case may be.


irreverentmama said...

Isn't it pathetic? My doctor's critique of my nether bits is welcome only if it's a health issue. And anyone else who I allow to see that particular part of me had best be grateful, dammit, not critiquing the topography.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Just found this blog from YukonChatterBugs- I read that article too! Unreal what people will pay for!!!