Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At supper tonight.

Boy Terror: "Mummy, your tummy looks fat."

Me: "Ummm.... thanks? I guess it looks fat because it is fat."

Boy Terror: ... still staring at my tummy... no, wait, that's NOT what he's staring at! He's checking out my boob!

Me: That's not my tummy, bud. That's my boobie!"

Boy Terror: "Oh! Boobie!! Hee hee!"

Silence for a few beats, and then,

Boy Terror: "Boobie is a funny word."

*** pause while we all think that over***

Boy Terror: (almost under his breath) "Boobie. Hee hee!"

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Unknown said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! How exciting...I'm kind of new to this blogosphere, so bear with my gushiness! I bounce from one blog to another and got a good kick from yours...so you're stuck with me;) Funny how you used to live around here near "The Deer". My chats with my kids always give me good fodder to share on my blog...at this age it usually centers around "toilet humour"...sigh. Just say the word vagina and you can see them crawl in their skin;) At least it's good ammunition when I need to pull out the big guns, right?! Take care...