Friday, September 19, 2008

#&@^$(@#!(^& muttering

I've been cranky lately. Yes, really. I know, it's a shock to hear, but I do have off days. Lately the oddest things have been pissing me off. And since I don't have anything else in mind to post, I'll share my latest peeves with you.
-The Terrors. I love them, but they are so.....friggin' cheery and chatty in the morning. I don't get any coffee until I arrive at work, so that pre-dawn hour I am staggering around in a haze, my mind is already at work, and my body is screaming for caffeine. The Terrors? They are singing! And dancing! Practicing the piano, having conversations with invisible friends, and nattering on and on and on about stuff like the way they can make their mittens "talk" like puppets in the car.
-The morning. It is fall here, duh, so the leaves are all coloury, and the air is crisp, and all that shit. But me? I'm just mourning the loss of daylight. It's dark when I get up now. Remember back in July? When I never ever saw darkness? Well, I see it now. It's dark. And experience has taught me that it will just keep on getting darker for several months. This is a theme that I will revisit plenty of times between now and next summer.
-At work, in the staff ladies washroom, we have mirrors. Like most washrooms. Our mirror is not used to check for green stuff in your teeth, though. It is used to post insanely positive and affirming messages on. The VP writes a question each Monday morning, in a scented marker, on the mirror. Questions like "Why are you EXCITED to be back at Nameless School?" or "What is the BEST PART of your job?" The rest of us write our sugary sweet, totally not true answers in various scented colours. Answers like "I'm EXCITED because I get paid to be" are promptly erased.
-It's my night to stay up late/sleep in the next morning. I am trying, oh so very hard, to stay awake past 11:00 pm. But I cannot. I have had insomnia for the past month or so, which means I could fall over any minute now. I'd be back, awake alive alert and enthusiastic, in 5 hours, but by then the party's over. If there was a party. My point? Getting old sucks.

I have more. But I think I've brought you all down enough for this weekend, and besides, I have to get in bed soon. Let's all hope that a good sleep will cheer me up enough that Hubby loses that "Scared to breath" look he's been sporting lately.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, Sister. When I'm stressed like I am now (a little thing called Hurricane Ike has upset my equilibrium and that of my beloved Houston) the littlest of things grate on my last nerve. I am full of rage and hatred and short tempered intolerance.

Not a pretty picture of a very unhappy camper.

But persevere we will. But that might include a body count.

For me anyway.

I envy you being in and around a real by God Fall environment, here the leaves are brown because of the heat and the trees are bare because the hurricane blew them off.

Ain't life grand?


MaryP said...

Are the cranky remarks really erased? REALLY? Gee. That would make me want to post them even faster...

We're just starting fall here in Ottawa, and though I love the warm tenor of the slanting autumn sunlight, I know it's a precursor to long, dark days. Ugh. And our days are not nearly so long and dark as yours. Staying up there, my dear, is a testament to True Love. I hope your Hubby (ha! I wrote 'huggy') appreciates it! REALLY, really appreciates it.

wendy said...

I am SO not a morning person either. I DO NOT LIKE happy morning people. DH has learned to not be SO happy in the mornings! lol
as for the mirror thing... I don't think I would take too well to that one.