Friday, October 31, 2008


I went to school today dressed as a witch, and apparently that was the right choice. I counted 17 witches in the building.
This evening, I refused to put candy into the pillow case of a giant raspberry. Nothing against raspberries, but he had stubble. My candy is for children who are not yet of voting age.
Why is it "acceptable" for 13-14 year old girls to dress up as slutty prostitutes and come to school? I saw way too many skanks today.
If you go trick-or-treating with the cutest baby giraffe and Queen (NOT a princess. No.) in the whole world, you get more candy than you can carry. We only did our street, because at that point their buckets were full and their arms were tired.


Fawn said...
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Anonymous said...

ts out here at Mary lake - folks with kids must commute to the high-density areas in the city. I'm appalled by what young girls are allowed to leave the house wearing, Hallowe'en or any other day.

Anonymous said...

hmm - I don't know what happened to the post above - it used to say "Nobody trick-or-treats out here at Mary Lake..."

Anonymous said...

I will give candy to teens only if they have costumes and/or if they're suitably charming. (A terrific costume, or a terrific line. "I'm the scariest thing of all," said a kid, friend of my son a couple of years back, who looked no different than any other day. "I'm your future!" He got candy -- but it helped that I know him.)

I've used the line, "If you're too old to dress up, you're too old for candy", thus risking some sort of nasty vengeance, but (so far!) it's never happened.

The cutest thing at our place on hallowe'en was a teeny francophone ladybug. "Mer-thi!" Hearts on her wings, and a lisp. Oh, lordy...