Saturday, October 11, 2008


This past week was a difficult one, work wise. Usually, I can deal with the stuff these kids bring, but usually it is just one problem, issue, sorrow, at a time. This week? My classroom was so full of drama that it almost became funny. Almost, but not quite, because this is their lives. I come home at night, and try to forget the stuff I've heard during the day. They go home, and it's waiting at the door for them. Without identifying any students, here is a low-down:

-A's dad passed away in August. Not current news, but it's upsetting to think that this poor guy has sat in a Family Studies class for over a month, listening to me ramble about parents and kids and family dynamics, with this recent loss on his mind. Now he's facing the first Thanksgiving without his dad, and that has got to be rough. Why didn't I know about this sooner? That's a rant for another day.
-B went to her grandma's funeral a few weeks ago. While she was there, her cousin stepped out of a car, and was struck and killed by another vehicle. Yes. A woman out there lost her daughter at her mother's funeral. B is keeping it together, but barely. She wanted me to know her project might be late, because she has to go to another funeral this weekend.
-C was flown to Vancouver with her 4 month old son. He required urgent surgery, and afterwards, he wouldn't wake up. For almost 24 hours. C's friends in my class sobbed. We called her cell phone, but really, what can you say to make that better?
-D is pregnant. She doesn't know who the father is.
-E's girlfriend was pregnant. Against his wishes, she terminated the pregnancy on Monday.

We have a four day weekend this weekend, due to Thanksgiving. I personally am thankful for the break. I know that everyone has bad days, bad weeks, etc. But this past week? It was almost more than one classroom can deal with.

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