Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night we had friends over for Thanksgiving Dinner. True to form, our turkey needed an extra two hours in the oven. No problem!! That just gave us time to get a good buzz on!
So. Things I am thankful for:

Good friends. I am blessed in that I have a great bunch of friends at work. Yes, I have friends outside of work, but I spent the majority of my time in the school building, and it's nice to be surrounded by people I adore.
My family. I talk about them here a lot, and it's not always positive. But Hubby and the Terrors give meaning to my life, as cliched as that sounds.
Electricity. Normally, this does not make my top ten. But this weekend, the power has been going off annoyingly often. Suddenly, I see how much of my life requires power!
Hot water. I, due to power issues, had a lukewarm shower running to cold this morning. Yup, I love me some hot water.
My new car. We purchased a Nissan Rogue on Friday, and I have found tons of reasons to go outside. I've gone to the dump. I went out for coffee. I'm excited to go grocery shopping.
Music. When I'm tootling around town in my new! red! car! I have the ipod plugged in, and I'm bopping away.
Turkey leftovers. I'm off now to have a delicious turkey sandwich, with a side of pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!!


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Well, yer annoying happy and chipper! ;) Seriously, dude, can't let life get you down. In time you'll see that your new! red! car! is useful and beautiful in it's own way. Hope your week picks up! Cheers!
(BTW, you can sense sarcasm, can't you???? :P Just jealous about the new! red! car!)

Anonymous said...

So nice to see you so bouncy. I think that was you... a bright!red!blur! just whizzed by, throwing off wafts of muuUUUSsSSiC.

Happy Thanksgiving! We didn't have turkey, settled for a pork roast, roast veggies, mashed potatoes. Cranberry sauce goes VERY well with pork. Pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dessert, OF COURSE.


(I had the reverse problem with my turkey last Christmas: it was ready two hours BEFORE the company arrived. It was... crunchy by the time they arrived. Which is one reason for the pork on Monday!)

twobuyfour said...

I've always been kind of curious about the Canadian Thanksgiving. I never really knew if it was similar to ours. You spend the day eating turkey and pie, watching football and bickering with family? I guess it's about the same.

I'm glad you enjoyed yours.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too….