Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mood up, mood down.

This is a long, rather convoluted story, but try and stay with me so you can understand the mood, okay? Because it's all about the mood.
I stayed home today. If my boss is reading this, I'll tell you the truth. I needed a mental health day. There was no "sick child" at home. After last Friday (long, long, horrid day) I feel I deserved, and needed a day alone to regroup. Home. Alone. With the Christmas decorations.
I wandered around the house, adjusting the candles, tweaking the lights, and generally just loving my holiday home. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in the Average Home! However, there was one little detail that bothered me all morning. I have a gorgeous collection of crystal snowflakes, and I really want to hang them from the ceiling in the entry way. I just know they would be stunning hanging there! So I got a chair, and stood on it. Nope. I'm short, the ceiling is tall. The chair was wobbly. I tried standing on the big rubbermaid container I keep some of the holiday cheer in. It was NOT supportive. I actually considered hauling my dining room table down the stairs to the entry way, so I could PUT A CHAIR ON IT and reach the ceiling. Do you sense the mood? The very obsessive, crazy mood? It finally dawned on me that I should NOT continue trying to kill myself. I could just picture the scene, if I were to fall. Hubby would find me lying on the floor, possibly partly down the stairs, clutching a Christmas snowflake. The table and chair would be smashed through the front door. Naturally, I would have a collection of push pins held in my lips. Plus, I was wearing jammie bottoms, and my t-shirt didn't match.
After supper, I went downtown, like a normal person, and bought a ladder. My first ladder!! (The mood is all happy! happy! joy! joy!) I am a true homeowner, I have a ladder! Or I would, if I could get it off...the....shelf......arghhhh....
How many employees do you suppose saw me yanking the big, awkward ladder off the shelf? Did the kid picking his nose not think to help me? When I was carrying the very tall, awkward ladder through the store, did the teenager scratching his zits think to offer assistance? And why, when I was checking out, and the cashier stopped chewing gum long enough to page "customer service to till one for a customer carry-out" did I foolishly assume she was getting "customer service" for me? No, no, that was for the hot guy behind me, buying a beer fridge.
Mood? Not so good. Rather pissy. I hate, HATE idiots. I truly despise idiots who work in customer service, and have no concept of serving a customer.
Deep breath.....
I own a ladder. I have to go hang snowflakes. The entire purpose of this day was to make me feel good, warm, and fuzzy, and generally improve my mood. Using my new ladder, and admiring my Christmas entry way whilst sipping Hot Chocolate with Amaretto will do the trick. Mood? On the way up.


dogsled_stacie said...

Oh yeah! Hot chocolate with Amaretto/Bailey's/Kalhua, makes EVERYTHING better. Maybe you didn't have enough of those earlier on? lol

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! :) And post us a pictures of your crystal snowflakes, willya?

Anonymous said...

Silly silly Average Mom; customer service drones need to be told. Demand help! Say, "Hey! Help me with this ladder I'm buying!"
Congratulations Home Owner on your new ladder! I am so glad you won't be killing yourself trying to put up your pretty crystal snowflakes.
You had me worried!