Friday, January 30, 2009

Please don't grow!

Yesterday morning on the way to school, I realized that I don't have babies anymore. The Terrors were talking about Boy Terror's day home, and he told us "Kaylee (youngest daughter of caregiver) is 16! She is almost a growed up! Only 12 more years, and then I will be 16!" and it dawned on me. He's four. He will be five this spring. Five is no longer a baby in any way. Five means school, and the bus, and a whole life away from me. In my mind, his sister is still five (she's actually six and a half), so how can this be? How can I possibly have no more babies?!
There is something about the way he runs down the hall every morning, full tilt, that tells me he is refusing to stay little. I've threatened to stop feeding the two of them, if they don't stop growing. I've begged them to please, please stay little for just a tiny bit longer. They just laugh and roll their eyes at me.
I had a colleague once who told me that every time one of her kids started school, she got pregnant with the next one. At the time, I thought she needed professional help. Now? I totally understand.


Kitty said...

I can sympathise, mine's only 2 and a third and already he's not so much the baby anymore. He never really 'did' little, but he was a baby.

Elizabeth said...

I know, I KNOW!!! This is how my friend ended up with 4 kids. She'd have more, I think, except her husband drew a line in the sand :D